Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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UZYF rejoinder to WSYF

The Press release issued by the Media Cell Western Sumi Youth Front (WSYF) carried in the paper on the 14th. May, 2021 is bereft of any facts but the programmed continuation of lies and twists. A law of propaganda which states, “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is being followed to the hilt. However, gone are the days when propaganda mills will have the desired effect to twist and turn a lie into fact as people are now more evolved and educated and know the truth
The statement of WSYF which said “What was once a village boundary dispute has been made into an inter-tribal spectacle” is well appreciated. But WSYF should first know who invoked Sumis name and Sumis hand of involvement on 22nd March 2021 incident where the gunmen had left behind four handwritten red-ink notes alongside the three dead bodies wherein they claimed, “Remember that Sumi brothers will fight till the last man standing for our ancestral rights and properties”, “This action is just the beginning of retribution for grasping our rights and properties”, “Dear Zeliang Brethren, don’t ever think that Sumis will let you encroach even an inch into our ancestral land” and more. These handwritten notes and its contents may be verified by WSYF from the police Dept and be assured who intend to drag the issue and the incident along tribal line.
WSYF would do best to find out the perpetrators and discourage them instead of countering the Zeliangrongs and the others for the comments on the social media if WSYF thinks itself as responsible Youth Body and not someone’s gang.
It is never denied that Kiyevi Village was established in 1939 in Lamhai land after taking due permission from the landowner by exchanging the Naga customary obligations between Lamhai and Kiyevi dwellers. Kiyevi Village was established within a specified well demarcated land boundary bounded by natural streams and ranges, and the same permitted boundary was confirmed and reiterated time and again in 1941 (July), 1945 (November), 1954 (April) and 1976 (June). As a result of such orders and rulings about Kiyevi land boundary, the Kiyevi Village prayed to the then DC Kohima in 1977 for permission to shift the Village to bigger land in Rangapahar area stating in their application (Quote) “The land dispute was finally settled by the then ADC,Peren on rd. June ’76 upholding the decision of Shri. Kinaram Bora, ADC Dimapur in 1954. By these decisions we stand to lose all our Pani Khetis and Jhum land. The boundary runs near the Village compound and we do not have land even for animal grazing not to speak of for cultivation” (Unquote). So, WSYF is reminded that Kiyevi Village was not established in limitless land by any Britishers/Landowner. The WSYF also is advised to show a single ancestral Sumi Village in Zeliang or Chakhro land which does not stand by the claim of fictitious documents but by the claim of occupation even before the advent of any authority or Governments if your war cry is for the pretext of protecting your ancestral land.
Lamhainamdi Village was established on 31th May, 2019 in the land authorized by the landowner Lamhai Village in the area below the Kiyevi Boundary line. Not an inch of permitted Kiyevi land was touched or encroached upon by Lamhainamdi. However, the Govt. of Nagaland imposed restriction on Lamhainamdi at the behest of illegal intruders by issuing Status Quo order on the 25th of June, 2019. The representation to immediately revoke the said order was not heeded by the Govt. denying the basic right of the landowner over his own land. But the request of the Home Commissioner to maintain Status Quo till the demarcation of Inter-District boundary following constitution of the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Boundary Issue was heeded to by Lamhainamdi Village with the demand that Status Quo be imposed equally on all the unrecognized settlements in the area. But sadly, the Govt totally failed to check activities in all illegal settlements such as Kiyevi B (Kehoi), Jacob Zhimomi Village, Officers Village, Vihuto, etc, while putting total restrictions on lamhainamdi. The United Zeliangrong Youth Federation (UZYF) can no longer remain mute spectator to such one-sided order of the Govt.
The WSYF statement that “Naga people must understand the dynamics of ever evolving historical and legal perspective of land ownership” clearly depicts the mindset of self-serving intellect. No amount of valor or bravery as claimed by WSYF can make anyone an ancestral landowner of what is not ancestrally theirs. To hail Sumis heritage of land grabbing valor in the Naga family of several tribes is an open affront to the Nagas in the family. The modus operandi of establishing settlements in the area is the open involvement of UG groups and its forces in the establishment of Sumi Villages but not the involvement of supernatural as claimed by WSYF. The Village functionaries or GBs are enrolled and involved one or the other UG factions, and thus is the case with those who were arrested in connection with March 22 incident.
In the spirit of Naga brotherhood, the Zeliangrong people under the aegis of Zeliangrong Baudi Nagaland stood for peaceful resolution of the land dispute between Lamhai and other Sumi illegal settlements with Western Sumi Hoho. The meeting was held on 25″. September, 2020 at Jalukie Town wherein the 15 member strong WSH team acknowledged the traditional Boundary of Chakhro Angami of Dimapur and the Zeliang of Peren and the Sumi settlers would acknowledge ownership of land in due course of time for peaceful co-existence between the two Communities was agreed. Sadly, on the second Co-ordination meeting on 10″. February, 2021 at Tahekhu Village the Western Sumi Hoho totally rejected the acknowledgment of land ownership rather warning the Zeliangs never to mention again that the Sumi Villages are within the ancestral Zeliang land. So, WSYF may explain to the world who hate peaceful resolution.
Issued by Media Cell United Zeliangrong Youth Federation

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