Thursday, June 24, 2021
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UZYF rejoinder to WSYF

The United Zeliangrong Youth Federation (UZYF) is constrained to issue rejoinder to the never ending press statement of Western Sumi Youth Front (WSYF) over the Village boundary issue as claimed by them since 22nd March incident.
The UZYF stands by the rights of Zeliang people as the ancestral landowner of the area contested on the strength of occupation since time immemorial like the case of other Nagas in their own traditional or ancestral territories but not on the strength of manufactured documents. But in the spirit of Naga brotherhood the Zeliang Naga never forbid any Naga tribes entering our vast God gifted ancestral land and we are at peaceful coexistence with other Naga Tribes in our own land in acknowledgement of landownership. The UZYF once again challenge the WSYF to show to the Nagas by leading to an ancestral Sumi Village in the area instead of cooking up stories time and again in the media. The Zeliangs are stating our position on the reality of inalienable rights and supporting documents of our ownership.
The statement of WSYF that “WSYF reminded that the immense contribution of Sumis to the Naga Political Movement was an open truth. We take pride for the sacrifices rendered by our people for the cause of the Nagas” was an open attempt by WSYF that whatever crimes committed by some greedy Sumi leaders for their personal gain using Naga Political Movement cadres for defense and protection of their illegal settlements to be condoned as price for the sacrifices made. The Zeliangrongs are ready to co-exist in peace only if due acknowledgement and mutual respect is shown but not for intimidation, threat and killings using UG cadres of which Chairmen or GBs of such villages are involved. That will be too demeaning for the sacrifices of magnanimous, honest and upright Sumi leaders who had led and laid down their lives for the cause of the Nagas.
The UZYF gently once again reminds the WSYF to kindly verify the red ink notes of graffiti left behind alongside the dead bodies from the Police Dept instead of countering in the media again. The WSYF is advised to look into reality and resolve the matter if WSYF has such magnanimity instead of endless media war you started since 22.. March, 2021. WSYF is very much welcomed for any discussion
Issued By Media Cell UZYF

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