Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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UZYF on March 22 killings

The Nagaland Government has either completely lost rational thinking or consciously devised a mechanism to alter the age old traditional boundary and victimised the Zeliangrongpeople of Peren District. The wounds cut deep by the barbaric act committed by land encroachers on the fateful day of 22nd March 2021, when three innocent lives were gunned down point blank and bodies charred, still remains wide open and aches. Yet in total disregard and in complete demented state, the government functionaries have somehow reached a conclusion that the way forward is to give unsolicited security and protection to the neighbouring unrecognised illegal settlements under Peren District. These unrecognised villages, now under the complete protection of the State forces, have heightened their developmental activities whereas it is demanded of the land owners to maintain status quo. The outsiders have been given free hand to develop by bringing in heavy machineries and further encroach upon our land rampantly.
The land owner’s village Lamhainamdi is under strict vigilance and are not even allowed to chop firewood for use. This misplaced sense of maintaining law and order and “status quo” by the State government needs immediate review and corrective measure. The United Zeliangrong Youth Federation have placed our demand that all the illegal villages existing in between the traditional boundary of the ChakroAngamis and Zeliangs be evicted for normalcy and peace to return. If a government exist, only to protect the illegals and victimise the owners, what is to become of our ethical State functioning.
The huge deployment of security forces in these illegal villages is baffling and beyond any logical comprehension. With each day the number of personnel seems to swarm the area and not for the purpose of taking punitive measures against the illegals but to empower them to carry out their illegal activities. Does the State government have no use for these jawans but to send them to protect and shield the land encroachers and renegades?
We have time and again presented the facts and figures to proof the illegality of the mushrooming villages in the land of Lamhai people under Peren District yet received lukewarm response from the government. Our cry to fend off the illegal settlers from our land continues to go unheard and any sort of help from the government is gradually becoming a distant dream. Nevertheless, it is our ardent prayer that the government for once take our ultimatum, dated 12th May, seriously and initiate process for complete eviction of all the illegal villages. The UZYF cringed at the thought of our brothers lost and lands grabbed illegally and yet the perpetrators walks scot free and we are made to feel like the villain in our own cause.
If the government continues to remain deaf, dumb and blind like the proverbial monkeys, the UZYF will be left no choice but to resort and intensify means and ways to protect our God given land. Those claiming the land of the Zeliangrong people as ‘No Man’s Land’ or their ‘Ancestral Land’ are free to transport back the land to which ever district and part of Nagaland they initially brought it from. As for the stand of the UZYF, we will unceasingly continue to defend, this generation or the next, for our traditional and ancestral land in our own significant ways. The sweat and blood shed for our land and the lives lost in the process shall not go in vain and this we assuredly state.
Issued By Media Cell
United Zeliangrong Youth Federation (UZYF)

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