Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Utilize opportunities & rise from failures: SP Noklak

Livelihood cum de-addiction seminar held at Noklak
noklakOur Correspondent
Tuensang, September 19: Noklak police in collaboration with OST centre and Department of Agriculture, Noklak initiated a Livelihood cum De-addiction seminar at Thang Village Council Hall, Noklak on Saturday. The program was chaired was SI Mongthei Khiamniungan, Noklak Police.
In her address, Superintendent of Police, Noklak, Dr Pritpal Kaur maintained that addiction is a choice that one needs to refrain from and that nothing can substitute the price of our lives.
“In a society like ours, it is essential that we choose the right companion, a true friend is one that leads you on the right path”, Kaur stated.
Kaur expressed her concern for the people involved in substance abuse by stating that change can only begin from the heart and the determination to change for a positive cause. Kaur further emphasized on the importance of agriculture in the present time and urged the people to “utilize opportunities and rise from failures, and become strong pillars of the society”.
In a short speech Samuel, Executive Secretary, KBCA Noklak stressed on the importance of respecting our bodies which is a gift from God, and every human being is designed for a purpose on earth, further stating, “We should know God’s love and value for the people”.
In another short speech J. Khumong, Project Manager TI, Noklak said that OST becomes vague when people cannot change their ways of living. He said, “We should be open to change and stand by the belief of truth”. He also urged the OST beneficiaries to adhere to the instructions they receive, be consistent, and live testimonial lives.
Noklak as a young district is moving towards eradication of substance abuse and drug addiction problems with the help of the Police Department, and the Opiod/Oral Substitution Centre which provides free treatment to drug users at Noklak. More than a hundred participants took part in the seminar.
Cholen, Agriculture Officer Noklak, demonstrated the techniques of farming, vermicompost and apiculture. Maintaining that there is no culture without agriculture, Cholen also gave an insight on how agriculture and other beneficial farming can elevate the social and economic condition of the people.
“In Nagaland, people hesitate to take up farming as a profession. This mindset has to be changed”, he added.
There was an open floor for discussion after the demonstration where the participants raised and discussed queries.
The event concluded with a benediction by Pastor M. Aimong, Baptist Church Thang, Noklak.