Saturday, May 8, 2021
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UT-I NSCN (R) resolves

Rallying behind the Declaration of Dimapur based NSCN (R) that appeared in all leading Newspapers and medias on 31/03/2021, the UT-1 (Union Territory-1) held a meeting on Saturday 10/04/2021, attended by all UT Staff, including top Naga Army Officials and with the unanimous decision of the House, made the following resolutions as thus;
1.To reiterate and to reaffirm our unconditional and unwavering support to the dynamic Leadership of His Excellency, the President, Inno Y. Wangtin Naga, His Excellency the Vice-President Inno Akato Chophi and Hon’ble Ato Kilonser Inno P. Tikhak, and also to extend our Solidarity to the undisputed Naga Leader , Inno N. Kitovi Zhimomi (Convener WC-NNPGs)
2.To reaffirm that the UT-1 stands by the ‘Extraordinary Emergency Joint Council Meeting on 28/08/2019’ which resolved to expel Khekato for his involvement in the cold blooded murder of late Major Toishe of NSCN (IM), and if at all, any further decision has to taken, will have to be moved through the ‘Joint Council’ only, on the advise of the Collective Leadership.
3.To consider that unless Khekato’s Murder issue booked under GR 674/19 is resolved and cleared by the Law enforcing agencies, including ‘Clean-Chit’ be issued by the Victim’s Family, Victim’s Village Forums, and the NSCN (IM), the UT-1 shall neither recognise nor entertain and support the murder accused, at any point of time.
4.To abide by the Criteria and Protocol followed by all NPGs Governments, to only acknowledge any ‘Order/Decree/Diktat’ or Notification issued by the official media handle the MIP (Ministry of Information & Publicity) and as such, any press statements issued by any individuals, whatsoever, other than the Official MIP Office will not be accepted.
5.To stick by the NSCN Party’s Ahza, that if at all, any head of Ministry or Department is be appointed will be processed only after the budget session as clearly mentioned in article 21(A) and article 23(A) of the Party’s Yehzabo.
6.To caution all UT-1 staff that strict and punitive action will be initiated under ‘Anti-Party and Anti-National Acts, upon any individuals found dealing with any fugitive or self-styled un-recognized individuals
7.To request all Business Firms/Personalities, Contractors, Patrons, Well-Wishers and Individuals to abstain from dealing with the Murder accused, but rather report to the competent authorities, if ever they are harassed by the Con-man and his few band of thugs.
Further, it is hereby notified that even after this notification, if anyone is found dealing with the self-claimed so called Chaplee Kilonser shall be doing so in their own individual’s risk.
The UT-1 was also honoured with the appearance of His Excellency the Vice-President, Inno Akato Chophi, who also spoke for a few minutes, wherein he said;
“The foundation of the NSCN (R) is based upon the Legacy of our Naga Predecessors and Pioneers, wherein any Animosities, Hatred, Killings and Murders was an alien culture to us, because these abominable acts ultimately shakes the very foundation that which this Nation is built upon, by our founding fathers”
In addition, no individual of any rank or file or from a private to the highest and topmost hierarchical position is ever above the NSCN, or the Nation. Each individuals will be judged by his own action which is the ultimate decision of the Nation and the NSCN’s Ahza, and for which the custodian of the NSCN’s Principles is the Joint Council, in consultation and advise of the Collective Leadership, which is the highest decision making body and as such, no single individual can bypass or supercede the judgement or decision Pronounced by the collective decision of the Joint Council, with approval and endorsement of the Collective Leadership.
Issued by;
UT-1 (Union Territory -1)
‘through’ MIP

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