Monday, April 15, 2024

US to help India in addressing its developmental challenges: Official

Washington, July 24: The United States has proposed to help India in addressing its most serious developmental challenges through innovative finance tools, a top Trump Administration official has said.
We are actually right now proposing at US-India Development Foundation where we would help India mobilize their own resources to address the country’s most serious developmental challenges looking to use innovative finance tools,” USAID Acting Administrator John Barsa told members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday.
Testifying before the Congressional committee during a hearing on the Fiscal 2021 Budget Request for Foreign Assistance, he said the Trump administration is extremely proud of this peer-to-peer relationship that it has with India.
America’s relationship with India is a wonderful success story, we look forward to working with them, Barsa said.
Congressman Joe Wilson said he was really encouraged to see America’s relationship with India developing.
I was honoured to be with President Trump and Prime Minister Modi in Houston, the largest welcome program in the history of the United States to welcome a foreign head of state,” Wilson said. (PTI)