Sunday, July 14, 2024

US Congressman urges Bangladesh to ensure protection of religious minorities

Bangladeshi Hindus stage a demonstration in Dhaka on October 18, 2021 to protest against the fresh religious violence against Hindus in the country. | Photo Credit: AFP

Washington, November 3: A US Congressman has strongly condemned the violent attacks on religious minorities in Bangladesh and urged Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina-led government in Dhaka to ensure their protection.

Some Hindu temples in Bangladesh were attacked by violent mobs in October after an alleged blasphemous post surfaced on social media. The mob also damaged houses and set on fire some homes of Hindus in Bangladesh.
“There are documented numerous attacks on Hindu temples, businesses and homes…,” Congressman Paul Gosar said in his remarks in the US House of Representatives.
The Arizona Congressman in his remarks strongly condemned the violent and immoral actions of those who harm others simply because they have a different religion.
“Madam Speaker, I rise today to support victims of violent religious persecution in Bangladesh. I have been informed that currently, about 14 million people are facing religious persecution solely for their Hindu beliefs, Gosar said. The persecution of religious minorities will not end without strong action by the government, in this case Bangladesh.
“All governments are duty bound to protect their citizens and promote the freedom to worship. I call upon the government to make every effort to end the violence and protect religious minority populations within its borders, he said.
In order to protect its people, the government should restrict extremist groups that exert any violent influence over the country’s political, social, legal, and religious affairs. Only then can peace and religious freedom be restored in Bangladesh, he said.
“The United States and Bangladesh have a friendship with deep ties among and between its people. Like Bangladesh, the US has religious minorities. To truly flourish and prosper, the rights of all people to be secure in their property and their lives must be ensured, Gosar.

“I encourage the government of Bangladesh and offer the full support of the United States in helping it protect its religious minorities, he said. (PTI)