Thursday, March 4, 2021

Ura Academy holds Thanksgiving service

Ura Academy

Dimapur, November 29: The Ura Academy held a Thanksgiving service to observe its 50th Seminar and 50th year Presidentship of Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu on November 27, 2020 on the theme ‘Tenyidie Language Policy’ with Rev Rheiliebeiü (Beilieü) Shüya, Ura Academy Advisory board, as the chief guest.

A monolith was also inaugurated by Rev V.K Nuh, Advisory Board Member in gratitude to Dr Shürhozelie Liezietu for shouldering the responsibilities of Ura academy as President for 50 years till date. The event was chaired by Kuolachalie Seyie, Advisory Board Member.
The Thanksgiving service was chaired by Daso Paphino, Vice President, Ura Academy and scripture reading and invocation by Rev Tsolie Chase. Special performances were presented by Alder Club Khonoma and Mr Neikhrieo ?sou . The Chief guest Rev Beilieü Shüya also released books namely ‘Ura Academy dze (1971-2020)’ written by Dr Shürhozelie, ‘Nhicu ki rüzhü 77-ko’ and ‘Nha daruko’ written by Vizonyü Liezietsu.
Meritorious Award were also given to top scorers in Tenyidie Subject in HSLC, HSSLC, B.A Tenyidie Honors and Music. The recipient of Dr Neilhouzhü Kire Angami Award was given to Thejanvinuo Shüya, Rüzhükhrie Sekhose Award to Khrietuonuo Kire, A Kevichüsa Award to Medokhrienuo Khezhie and Nini Vinguriaü Lungalang Award to Menuolenuo Linyü.
The second session was chaired by Prof. D Kuolie, Secretary General Ura Academy with three resource person Rev Neikedozo Paphino President, Bible Society of India, Dr Zavise Rume, Tenyidie Learning Centre Razeba and Vitshulieü Sekhose, Ura Academy Board member. A panel discussion was followed which was moderated by Dr Khüvolü Keyho, Dr Neiphrezonuo Mepfhüo, Dr Metsilhouthie Mor and Mr Keviuchütuo Kuotsu. (Page News Service)