Upset over PM Modi’s remarks, AIIMS’ doctors say don’t mock us on international platform


NEW DELHI, April 23: Doctors of AIIMS’ Resident Doctors’ Association (RDA) on Monday condemned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks in London where he had highlighted malpractices of doctors and had also said doctors attend conferences abroad to promote pharmaceutical firms.
“We are getting foreign trips in reward of writing costly medicines, but this is utterly shameful to generalise and paint black whole Medical fraternity that too on International forum,” one of the AIIMS’ doctors said.
“India is gaining immense respect in the form of medical tourism, we are also becoming world’s No. 1 exporters of pharmaceutical products and the remarks by PM will put a serious dent on the efforts made by whole doctors and pharmaceutical industry,” he added.
The doctor further said, “We accept there are a few black sheeps in all professions including in government of Modi ji but you cannot generalize the corruption and make fun of Doctors on an international platform.”
Expressing disappointment over his remarks, the doctor said, “This is the first time when some PM of any country used an international platform to curse his hardworking and dedicated citizens.”
“I once again request Modi Ji to wear white Apron and spend one day as the doctor in a government hospital with us to understand the level of stress we face,” he concluded.
On Sunday, several doctors of Indian Medical Association (IMA) and Association of Medical Consultants (AMC), Mumbai had also written to PM Modi over the same issue.
In the letter by Association of Medical Consultants, the doctors wrote, “Your talk has irrevocably harmed the doctor-patient relationship of trust. We wish and hope that you can bring back the standing that we doctors have, as trust, in one another is extremely important for recovery from illness.”
The Prime Minister in “Bharat Ki Baat Sabke Saath” event, organised in London’s Westminster recently, had cited examples of various international conferences allegedly funded by pharma companies, where doctors regularly participate. He had said that to end the nexus between doctors and pharmaceutical companies, which results in the sale of expensive medicines the Centre has launched generic stores in India.
“Doctors visit Singapore, Dubai to attend conferences; they don’t go there because someone is sick. The pharma companies invite them for that. To finally break the resultant sale of expensive medicines the government has launched generic stores where medicines of similar quality are sold at cheaper prices,” the Prime Minister had said. (Agencies)