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Uprooted trees, 2 deaths & several injured: Rude jolt to Dimapur district adminisration

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DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 13: Wednesday’s tragedy at Super Market in Dimapur appears to have finally awaken the Dimapur District administration to the danger posed by the Eucalyptus trees lining the Naga Shopping Arcade, with the administration deciding to cut the tress from October 17 onwards.
On October 12 (Wednesday) two women lost their lives and at least 6 were injured when two trees uprooted and fell on them in the busy market.
It was reported that a proposal for cutting down the tress in the Super Market areas was approved earlier by the District Planning Board but the administration was sitting over it because of the monsoon as well as on the pretext that it would require a lot of manpower and impact traffic as well as Power supply.
DC, Dimapur, who is also Chairman of the District Disaster Management Authority, today informed that cutting of trees from Nagarjan Police Point to Walford Petrol Pump will start from October 17 till October 24.
To ensure that the works are carried out without any hindrance, the DC also informed that all vehicular movement will remain suspended from Old Dhansiri Bridge till Nagarjan Police Point from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. from October 17 to 24.
There will also be total Power shutdown from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. from October 17 to 24 for consumers residing in Super Market area, Circuit House areas and Bank Colony.
The DC also notified that any type of cables, wires, etc. strung between the trees within the stretch of Naga Shopping Arcade (Supermarket) Dimapur from Nagarjan Police Point to Walford Petrol Pump be immediately removed before October 16. He also requested the general public to avoid using the stretch of road during the execution of work.
Meanwhile in another order, DC, Dimapur, in view of the risk posed due to uprooting of trees, has informed all vegetable vendors and street vendors along the stretch of Naga Shopping Arcade (Super Market) Dimapur to immediately shift to the newly inaugurated marketing shed located at Supermarket area.
The DC warned that non-compliance of the order will be met with strict action as per relevant provision of the Disaster Management Act 2005.
Meanwhile, expressing deep concern over the Wednesday’s tragic incident at Super Market area, Dimapur, H Tovihoto Ayemi, MLA and Advisor Power Department, Government of Nagaland, has said that the district administration along with other concerned Departments including the Police have drawn plans to remove trees posing threats to the lives of the public.
With district administration spearheading the initiative and with assistance from other Departments such as the Police, DMC, Electrical and Forest, etc., the task to cut down vulnerable trees as preventive measure shall commence from Monday morning onwards.
In this regard, Tovihoto Ayemi has urged the citizens of the commercial hub of the State to support and extend cooperation towards the effort to accomplish the task.
Currently, Tovihoto Ayemi is on an official assignment outside the State.
However, consoling the victims, his representatives visited the family members of the two who died in the incident and also those admitted in the hospital.
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