Tuesday, April 16, 2024

UPHC Tuensang conducts World Population Day/Population Fortnight 2020


Tuensang, July 23: As part of World Population Day/Population Fortnight 2020, Urban Primary Health Center (UPHC) Tuensang is observing pregnancy control campaign from July 11to 24 under the supervision of Gynaecologist, Dr. A Yanrenthung Jami, and his 21 medical staff.
Family Planning is essential for enhancing population control, and at such a time as today, the Ministry of Health and Family is extending its best resources possible to curb overpopulation. UPHC Tuensang is providing the best service possible to the citizens through counseling and provision of medical aid for birth control.
Beneficiary claimant amount for those availing birth control is Rs 600 and the motivators are given Rs 250. According to records so far, 22 Copper Tube and 37 Tube Ligation procedures have been successfully completed. (Page News Service)