Sunday, May 9, 2021
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UNTABA flays Assam’s attempt to open BOPs in border areas


Dimapur, January 27: The United Naga Tribes Association on Border Areas (UNTABA) has condemned the regular attempt of the Assam police and civil administrative authorities of Assam to open police outposts in the border areas in spite of various bilateral agreements made between the State governments of Nagaland and Assam.
In a statement, UNTABA chairman Hukavi T Yeputhomi and general secretary Imsumongba Pongen said the recent constructions of Border Outpost (BOP) in the jhum fields of Lirmen village areas, Wamakam village jhum fields last year and at Indisen village near Dimapur town recently are examples of the attempts of the Assam authorities to open BOPs in all border areas which falls legitimately under Naga people.
In matters of opening BOPs from Nagaland side, UNTABA said the District civil and police administration of Dimapur in particular have already submitted the feasibility report of opening a BOP at Rilan village areas by Commissioner of Police after undertaking all the necessary formalities to the Commissioner, Nagaland for immediate consideration.
It however lamented the indifferent attitude and lack of initiatives in addressing the recurrent developments from Assam side by the Government of Nagaland.
Stating that it had already met the Chief Minister of Nagaland on several occasions on the issue and has been meeting the Commissioner, Nagaland for the same issue, the UNTABA noted that the border issue between Assam and Nagaland is still under litigation process in the Supreme Court of India for the last 30 years now spending more than Rs 30 crores from the State exchequer through the Commissioner of Nagaland who looks after the border affairs department without a hope of any tangible outcome because the subsequent Government of Nagaland has never been serious on the issue in spite of all the bilateral and trilateral agreements made between the two State governments and Government of India.
Citing a case in point, UNTABA alleged that the present Advocate General of Nagaland was re-appointed “because he had been related to the present Honorable Chief Minister of Nagaland who is not indigenous to Nagaland.”
“In this regard, the UNTABA has already intimidated the Government of Nagaland on various occasions to appoint the indigenous Nagas as Advocate General who knows the real history of the land and the Naga people,” it said.
The UNTABA also alleged that the present Government of Nagaland under the leadership of Nephiu Rio, who had represented the people of Nagaland as MP, has failed even to raise the issue in its right perspective.
Strongly condemning the high-handedness of the authorities of Assam, the UNTABA urged Assam not to assert authority unilaterally, or Naga people may take their own course which may affect the cordial relationship between the people of the two states. It also urged the District civil and police administrations of the border areas to be active in matters of border issues or UNTABA may be compelled to even picketing the offices of the border areas civil and police administrations. (Page News Service)