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Unresolved Naga issue hindering development: Nagaland CM

Urban station Kezoma

Campaign for incumbent MLA at Urban Station inauguration

KEZOMA, OCTOBER 28: Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio today stated that the unresolved Naga political issue is hindering development and progress of the State in all areas, including sports and economic activities.
“For over 70 years, Naga people have suffered and been deprived of development while opportunities were also few owing to the unresolved protracted Naga Political Issue”, he said while inaugurating the Kezoma Urban Station (KUS) here today.
Stating that his Government’s top most priority is early resolution of the vexed Naga political issue, the Chief Minister appreciated the recent developments with political talks continuing between the Government of India and the NSCN-IM and the Working Committee of NNPGs and also the signing of Framework Agreement and Agreed Position.
In this regard, Rio said Nagas must unite and resolve the protracted issue to usher in a new dawn of development and progress for posterity.
The Chief Minister, with high hopes for an early solution, said that if a solution to the Naga issue arrives at around this time, the State general election will be deferred for some time as there will be an interim period for fulfillment of commitments like increasing seats in the Legislative Assembly and Parliament while special economic package will be granted for development.
Nonetheless, Rio said that being in a democratic country, if a solution does not come the State election will be held as per schedule. In this, he told the people to wisely choose their representatives who will sincerely work for the development and progress of their areas and also the State in general.
The Kezoma Urban Station (KUS) is the first Urban Station recognized and inaugurated out of the 13 such Stations approved across the State by the Cabinet in July this year.
Rio said the present Government, along with the local MLA & Advisor for Youth Resources and Sports Zale Neikha, is very happy that we were able to fulfill the long cherished dream of the people of the area during this Government.
Expressing hope that the area will have better development with urbanization, he asked the denizens to come up with a master plan in collaboration with the Urban Development Department for demarcation of various areas, including school, hospital, residential, play fields and cultivation area.
Congratulating the people of the area for getting Government recognition, he also called upon the citizens to develop a broader vision, live in harmony and cooperate with the Government so that it further develops and becomes a progressive place.
Rio also encouraged citizens to promote entrepreneurship to help farmers and also promote local markets for organic products. He also asked them to maintain unity and oneness for development and progress.
Announcing construction of a multi-purpose hall with two badminton courts and a rostrum for the playground in KUS, he said “we will work together”.
With the State general election in the offing, he wooed the electorates to send incumbent MLA Neikha to be in the Government saying that electorates should not always think of changing the leadership but continue to support the one in the Government for more development to take place.
On request of the villagers to help in getting back the land given to army in Chakhabama, he assured to take it up with Central Government to amicably resolve the matter.
Speaking on the occasion, local MLA and Advisor for Youth Resources & Sports Zale Neikha urged the State Government to extend projects and programmes for faster development of the area.
He recollected the request of the four village leaders to fulfill their long standing desire to get Government recognition of the township, which was attained today.
In this, Neikha lauded the leadership of Chief Minister Rio and also Advisor for Urban Development Dr Neikiesalie Nicky Kire for granting the much required recognition for the township.
The four Village Council Chairmen – Viyol Thupre of Sakhabama, Medovi Yongo of Kezobasa, Krocho Kiso of Kezo Town and Kikrosa Naki of Kezoma – took turns in expressing gratitude to the State Government led by Chief Minister Rio and local MLA Neikha for recognizing the town and putting it under Urban Development Department.
Angami Public Organization vice president (judicial) Zadeho Rikha said that the people of the village will not stand in the process of developmental activities undertaken by the State Government.
Earlier, the Chief Minister unveiled the monolith inaugurating the Urban Station.
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