Saturday, April 17, 2021
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UNPO’s Timely Resolution on Indo-Naga Peace Talks

The recent resolution passed by the Unrepresented Nations & Peoples Organization (UNPO) during its XV General Assembly in support of a peaceful settlement of the Indo-Naga issue is most timely.

The UNPO calls for a peaceful resolution “which is just, long lasting, honorable and acceptable to both the sides”.  The resolution also “urges India to repeal acts such as the Armed Forces Special Powers Act and the Disturbed Area Act which overly militarize the situation facing the Naga people”.

The Naga Rising (TNR) records its gratitude to the UNPO for continuing to extend its solidarity and upholding the inalienable rights of the Nagas. This support at the global level through platforms such as the UNPO has kept the hope high for the Naga people. The respect and honor that the Naga issue commands is a matter of pride for our people.

At this critical time in our history, The Naga Rising implores upon the Naga Political Groups and their leadership to guard against divisiveness and self-destruction. The current situation and how we respond to it, is indeed crucial, as it would define the kind of future that we want to see.

Do we go back to the bitterness of the past or do we move forward towards a shared future of peace, prosperity and political honor? To defend the inalienable rights of our people, the Naga Political Groups as well as all sections of society must realize the pre-requisite of presenting a common political voice.

If Nagas do not wake up and come together, the Government of India (GoI) will find an excuse to drag the peace process or impose its own design like it did in Jammu & Kashmir. After all it suits the GoI strategically to keep the Nagas engaged in ceasefires and peace talks.

The UNPO resolution is also a reminder of the international obligation for the Government of India to fulfill its commitment towards a peace agreement that is honorable, inclusive and mutually acceptable.

The international community is watching. As an aspiring major power that claims it espouses the idea of a more democratic global order, how India structures itself internally would be viewed as a template of how it intends to build a “multipolar” world system.

Peace cannot be achieved by sticking to our old positions. All parties must realize that peace requires partnerships and cooperation. And therefore, the way to peace demands a spirit of mutual understanding and reciprocity.

Issued by The Naga Rising

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