Sunday, March 26, 2023

UNPG NNC/PB informs

Nagaland News

Dimapur, May 5: UNPG NNC/ PB has informed all business establishments around Dimapur to be vigilant and desist from entertaining voluntary contribution seekers.

A press note issued by VN Zhimomi, secretary MIP said it has been observed that Ayito Shohe of Ustomi village, a ‘self styled’ Colonel who has defected from UNPG NNC/ PB to NSCN-GPRN-K is seeking contributions from business establishments around Dimapur town in the name of United Naga People’s Government.
UNPG NNC/PB clarified that the said person was never entrusted with the task of raising contributions whatsoever and shall not be held responsible in such matters. It said the People’s Government shall not allow “opportunists to misrepresent the will and urge of the people for greater good”.
The UNPG NNC/PB warned that any person dealing with him shall be doing so at his or her own volition.
Meanwhile the UNPG NNC/PB informed that Unoto A Chishi of Toluvi village, finance in-charge is no longer a member or a part of the United Naga People’s Government.
The MIP, UNPG NNC/ PBinformed that any individual, union, association etc., dealing with him or his subordinates in the name of UNPG NNC/PB shall be doing so at his or her own risk for which the people’s government shall not be held responsible. (Page News Service)