Friday, July 30, 2021

‘Unlock-2’ guidelines for Kohima district

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, JULY 10: In pursuance to the directive issued by the State Government, Kohima district administration has announced regulations to be enforced during Unlock-2 within the district from July 11 to 17.
The practice of ‘no mask-no movement’ and ‘no mask-no entry’ will be strictly enforced in all public places.

Shops/business establishments dealing with all kinds of goods/items/articles, including those dealing with essential goods and commodities such as vegetables, fish/meat vendors, milk booths, bakeries, and local grocery stores are permitted to open from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Pharmacies will be allowed to open on all days.
Respective shop/business establishments shall ensure there is no over-crowding in the shops. Cashless mode of payment should be encouraged as far as possible.
For all shopping complexes/market places in and around Kohima Municipal area, where more than 1 shop is located in the same building/compound, the owners/management shall work out a strategy to ensure that only 50% of the shops are open on permitted days and that no 2 shops adjacent to each other are open on the same day. Necessary arrangement and monitoring shall be worked out by the Kohima Municipal Council in consultation with KCCI.
Restaurants/eateries shall be allowed to operate take-away/food delivery on all days. However, proper queue system should be maintained for all customers to ensure physical distance in addition to mandatory wearing of mask and practicing hand hygiene.

Delivery of LPG cylinders and e-commerce service operators shall be allowed to operate on all days. Delivery personnel of all categories are advised to display vaccination status in the delivery vehicle. Contactless delivery should be ensured at all times along with maintaining COVID-appropriate behaviour of mandatory wearing of mask/gloves, maintaining hand hygiene and physical distancing. Cashless mode of payment should be encouraged as far as possible.
Every shop/business establishment, besides keeping hand sanitisers for use by visitors and taking measures for ensuring COVID-19 appropriate behaviours at all times, shall also prominently display the status of vaccination of all the shop keepers/staff present in the shop/business establishment.
Barber shops, beauty parlours, spas, salons, etc., where close physical interaction cannot be avoided shall be permitted to open after sending application for the same to the Kohima District Task Force on COVID-19 indicating status of vaccination of the staff and strategies to be adopted to ensure minimal contact with customers. Only after due approval of the Kohima District Task Force on COVID-19, they shall be permitted to open. Permit of the Kohima District Task Force on COVID-19 and status of vaccination shall be prominently displayed at the entrance of all barber shops, beauty parlours, spas and salons.

All the Government offices in the district may open with 50% attendance of staff on any day and subject to adherence to COVID-19 behaviour at all times. The 50% staff not attending on any day will work from home and will be available on phone/call for dealing with any urgent office work.
The private offices in the district may also function with up to 50% attendance and subject to adherence of COVID-19 behaviour.
Religious place(s) or worship are allowed to open subjected to an attendance of not more than 50 persons with strict adherence to COVID-appropriate behaviour. In cases where the place of worship has a capacity where physical distance cannot be maintained by 50 persons, the number of attendees should be accordingly reduced.
Outdoor sports activities other than competitions will be permitted, subject to attendance of not more than 100 persons, and adherence of COVID-19 appropriate behaviour and all the applicable SOPs issued from time to time. In the case where such outdoor sports activities are played which does not allow for maintaining physical distance, the number of attendance should be reduced accordingly.
Wedding solemnisation, funerals and sports training shall be allowed subject to an attendance of not more than 50 persons, and subject to adherence to COVID-19 appropriate behaviour and applicable SOPs issued from time to time. Wedding receptions shall continue to remain suspended. In cases where the aforementioned events are held in enclosed space/indoors, the numbers of attendees is to be reduced accordingly to ensure that physical distance is maintained at all times.

Light motor vehicles including taxis shall continue to ply within Kohima district on odd-even basis.
Only 50% occupancy shall be allowed in all light motor vehicles to maintain physical distance. Local taxis shall be allowed to ply with only 2 passengers and without any passenger in the front seat within Kohima Municipal area along with plastic barrier/sheet. However, local taxis are not authorised to charge fares higher than those fixed by the RTA vide Order Dated 06.10.2020. Vaccination status of local taxi driver shall also be prominently displayed in the windshield of the taxi. Intra-district taxi service outside the jurisdiction of Kohima Municipal area shall remain suspended.
Bus service, inter-district taxi service, 2-wheeler taxi service and pillion riding shall remain suspended in Kohima district.
Inter-district movement of people is allowed subject to the person (s) being asymptomatic and having completed their COVID-19 vaccination (both doses taken) and subject to adherence of COVID-appropriate behaviours.
All movement of persons/vehicles, except for exempted categories/medical emergencies shall remain restricted from 7 p.m. to 4 a.m.

All other activities which are otherwise not permitted shall continue to be strictly restricted. Any action(s) in contravention with the above stated regulation shall be deemed to have committed an Offence punishable under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code and relevant provisions of the Disaster Management Act, 2005.
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