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Union minister urges IIT-Guwahati to develop affordable, accessible technology

IIT Guwahati

Guwahati, October 12: Union Minister Devusinh Chauhan has stressed on the need to develop technology that is both affordable and accessible for the masses.
He urged upon the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati, to play a pivotal role in this regard during a visit to the higher education establishment here on Monday, a statement issued by IIT-Guwahati said on Tuesday.

Inspecting the various facilities at the IIT-Guwahati during his trip, the Union Minister of State for Communication expressed satisfaction on the various advanced research areas being pursued by Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering (EEE).
He said the infrastructure that the Institute has developed in frontier areas of communications and other allied areas will be a boon for pursuing research and development in Communications and IT.
He also stressed on developing technology that will be affordable for the masses and has deep penetration in the rural areas as well, the release added.
On behalf of the EEE department, Prof Sitharam, director of IIT-Guwahati, handed a project proposal to the Union minister for setting up a “Centre for Excellence in Advanced Communication” at the Institute to develop specific areas of next-generation communication systems, which will enable the country to take a lead in niche areas of communication technologies.
The director highlighted the importance of communication and connectivity in North East region for its overall economic and social development.
He stressed that IIT Guwahati being a knowledge hub can provide technology platforms to deliver the best solutions to overcome impending problems of this region and join hands with the Ministry of Communications to provide solutions to enhance connectivity, improve telecom infrastructure and provide training to human resources for better management and operations of telecommunications facilities.
Prof Roy P Paily, Head, EEE Department, and Prof R Bhattacharjee presented an overview of 5G related research activities, IC design, fabrication and characterisation for 5G millimeter-wave, Multi-user OTFS modulation under heterogeneous user mobilities, Wireless Information and Energy Transfer in a Heterogeneous Network, being pursued at the EEE department and the contributions IIT-Guwahati can make as well as the strong capability to support futuristic Communication initiatives from the ministry.
Chauhan also visited the Computer & Communication Centre (CCC) at IIT-Guwahati.
He was shown the Supercomputer facility Param-Ishan and its capabilities for multiple scientific, technological, weather forecasting and healthcare applications. The Institute’s director also informed him about the upcoming Supercomputer facility Param-Kamrupa, which is being installed.

The minister inaugurated BSNL EPBAX Exchange and Bharat Fibre Services at IIT Guwahati.
He also attended a meeting by the Postal Department and initiated new banking accounts for girl child on the occasion of Banking Day, which was celebrated as part of the National Postal Week.
A release of a special cover on Muga Silk (GI Code: 55) was also organised as part of the event.
Chauhan also had an interactive session with all the regional telecommunication officials at IIT Guwahati and deliberated on enhancement of connectivity and services to the region, the statement added. (PTI)