Sunday, January 24, 2021

Unhealthy state

It has been said that the parameters to define enlightenment and better living anywhere stand out in two simple manifestations: happiness and health. People in civilized countries live much larger part of their lives content, fulfilled, mused, and perked up, healthy and innovative. Their only miseries are affluence and unrestrained freedoms. In our part of the world there are only two considerations, means of dignified hard existence and higher gradation levels of forbearance on sufferance for peace of mind. That affords little room for higher thinking. How important is it therefore to implement whatever measures can be taken to lessen the burdens on our society? Stress overwhelms people and is ubiquitous. The western style stress is luxury driven that manifests itself in greed and sexual matters and very much less in sorrows of existence. In our parts, stress is sourced from hardship, illness and cruel politics. It may be people can sleep in silence but when they step out from their homes the harsh realities and incisive noises of the world they live in descend upon them. The traffic will shoot strident stressful signals, the dirt, and clouds of pollution will stuff their lungs. The noise levels from cars peak and the receptive limbic system in brain will get flooded and behave in erratic manner. These stimuli upset the equilibrium of mind body relationship and diseases take over. Every household has someone in pain. Private clinics in India thrive on visiting patients’ adversity and millions of people have mortgaged their life to pay for treatments. Illness in our state is also rife because some medical men in allopathic or Unani disciplines become ruthless in administration of medications. Overtly and covertly, they cause disease or convert a simple illness into a chronic malady that adversely affects the family. Health of the people is health of the nation and checks and log rolling exercises are mandatory. A private hospital can be incriminated for taking a uterus out from a woman for wrong reasons or if the operation is done by the wrong specialist. In India doctors and chemists and pharmaceutical companies are regulated by Consumer Protection Courts under CPA (1986). Doctor’s behaviour is under scrutiny from Medical Council and even their research is controlled by Nuremberg code regulations. Unfortunately these measures offer no guidelines and punishments are served on people for disasters that have already taken a toll. There is very feeble enforcing regulatory body or advisory institutions. People also get diseased due to microbes in ambiance, preservatives and chemicals mixed in food they eat. Hospitals, dispensaries, clinics, medical shops, back street quakes get full impunity to deliver treatment in whichever ways that suit them. There are no controls here. The only victims are people. Pharmaceutical companies with a stealthy background goad doctors to prescribe their dodgy products in our state. For example we regularly notice stocks of vitamins or cough medicines stockpiled in chemist shop outside outpatient clinic and by the end of the day all stocks are sold. And more often than not, the representative is sitting inside the doctor’s chamber. Medication of any kind is fraught with complications. Excess vitamins also cause disease and in western countries, they are never prescribed unless a deficiency of a particular vitamin is diagnosed and then that vitamin alone is given. In governance there is an innate mechanism in the way an agenda is carried out that performance takes a knock back effect and efficiency is eroded. A man in the west is born with a promise of good life ahead and the household is programmed to be run in a well-designed manner. The state will help at every stage of existence to eliminate factors detrimental to the health and delights of living. Comparing those indices with navigation through life history of people here, every cesspool and rubbish dump is left to fester and ignoring all methods of disposal, the dirt, dust, medical and industrial waste are spread out in streets that get recycled into human bodies. Unfortunately in our state, babies are born to a life of challenges to face assaults on his or her wellbeing.