Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Ungma Village multipurpose stadium underway through collective contribution

multipurpose stadium

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 23: Soyim Shuttlers, a group of badminton lovers, organised a badminton camp during this lockdown for the village kids in which about 27 kids participated in camp. The camp was held inside the Community Hall however the space was inadequate and unhealthy.
Speaking to Nagaland Page, a spokesperson of Soyim Shuttlers, who did not wish to be identified, said that a village of this size with no indoor stadium was a question to ponder upon for the group, so the group decided to take it forward with a big leap of faith.
Soyim Shuttlers took permission from the Village Council, who assured them that they would help them and gave them the green signal to start the project of constructing a stadium for badminton court, volleyball court and table tennis in the premises. The news reached fellow villagers and their positive response led to the start of the project on September 8, 2020.
“The contribution from our people was overwhelming,” said the spokesperson, adding, ” They supported us with all kinds of contributions like money, trucks, woods, cements, water, stones from almost all the stone crushers for free, daily wage workers working for free and even the youths helped by working for free.”
The church and Village Councils played an important role by donating money and prayer for the project, he disclosed
The collective contributions from the people of Ungma, along with donations from those living away from the village, made the project possible. The group is overwhelmed to see such unity among the people even during this present crisis.
The spokesperson further said that the stadium can be a platform where interested individuals can make their hobby into a career through the sports quota.
On whether the project is completed, it was said that the project is still underway but the group is targeting the second week of November for its inauguration. (Page News Service)