Sunday, June 13, 2021

Under performers

All of us have heard, or read, about the legendary hen that laid golden eggs and her stupid owner who killed her to have all the eggs at once. In the process he lost everything because he denied time to the eggs to form. Likewise, most of us do not want to know about our vocations in which we make our living. We take them for granted and quite casually. Another irony is that we are rarely enthused to work for the sake of work, with a passion. Ask anyone why he is doing or eying a particular job, or business, and he readily comes with the answer that there is a lot of money in it. Yet another class is of the super-complacent who have been running a shop for generations together. The result is “we” the under-performers – and we alone the affected. It is fair to aspire for a better vocation but it’s very unfair not to give one’s best to the present vocation that one has accepted or been in for the time being. We fail to excel in our jobs because we do not own them, generally that is. We have failed to understand that our vocation is our world holding our livelihood – the world that encompasses one’s entire entrepreneurial ecosystem involving everyone and everything directly or indirectly associated with one’s earning activity. For a businessman this world includes his suppliers, his employees and the customers for whom he is doing his business. For a businessman, he wants the safety and progress of his suppliers, employees and customers alike – along with the places where they belong. Obviously then, as he prays for their betterment which is in effect progress of his own business, he will not do any such thing as might tend to cause any harm to these people and places. Similarly, for a government employee his world of livelihood would include the government establishment as well as the tax-payers who sustain it. So in essence he won’t be doing what the government departments are infamously known for now here in our state. The point is that an improvement in our respective worlds of livelihood can take us where we won’t feel the need to ensure that our children are installed in our own fields. Better world means better avenues and better avenues means more absorptions. But this is not the case in our part of the world. Here we regularly hear of rampant sale of government jobs in the market to the highest bidder. This has been assuming embarrassing and cancerous dimensions. The frequency of such irregularities does suggest that the government have failed to contain this menace. The disease is eating us deep at all levels and the malady seems incurable. Will these things stop or continue to be a permanent feature? We have ambitious parents who want their kids to be something “by hook or by crook” and are always on the look for buying jobs for their wards. They never believe in struggle and hard work. From the very childhood a notion is put into their mind – be a rich person and not be a knowledgeable person. Then, we have brokers looking to mint huge money and grow their business. There are other cunning people in the market who exploit our gullible youth and their parents for government jobs and swindle money from them. Their nexus with the corrupt officials is destroying our future and at the same time paving the way for incompetent people to become doctors, engineers and other government servants. Indeed today our youth are slowly digesting the fact that they cannot be successful without dishonesty. If we say that our youth are our future, then what is the future of our youth? Our values are in crisis today. The morals, ethical values, principals, sympathy, compassion, etc., seems to have gone with the wind. In the long run, can we afford this heavy loss? We cannot live with gross administrative failures, negligence, dishonesty and callous attitude of concerned officials to jeopardize the future of our youths. Prudence lies in taking all precautions, before it is too late.