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Under-14 Catch them Young tournament conducted at Phek

Catch them Young
SP Phek Vesupra Kezo, DSO Phek Wutsutho, PDSA President Nezosa Tetseo and other officials with participants of the catch them young tournament on October 30.

Kohima, November 1: Under-14 Catch them young tournament cum selection of players for state level tournament was held in Phek on October 30, organized by the office of District Sports Officer, Phek in collaboration with Phek District Sports Association (PDSA).

The Superintendent of Police (SP) Phek, Vesupra Kezo gracing the occasion as special guest stressed on the need that sports and education must go hand in hand to excel while expressing his delight seeing the good turn up of participants.
He also pointed out that, to uplift the sportspersons, it does not solely depend on the department of Youth Resources and Sports (YRS) but a collective effort of the sports associations, parents to provide and support them with the right platform and in grooming. In this regard he also calls for concerted efforts of all concerned to upbring sportspersons.
Meanwhile, the Police officer also highlighted that there are an ample opportunities in sports industry to become successful while citing an example none other than Olympian-Archer Chekrovolu Swuro, hailing from the district- Phek who currently serves in the Nagaland Police in the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) and towards this exhorted the participants and players to take it up seriously.

Earlier, the programme was chaired by DSO Wutsutho while the vote of thanks was proposed by PDSA president, Nezosa Tetseo.
The results:
Badminton Single:
Girls; Winner-Thurholu
Runner up- Chotulu Vero
Boys; Winner – Khruzo
Runner up- Vamve
Badminton double:
Winner (Girls) – Thurholu and Chotulu Vero
Winner (Boys) – Khruzo and Vamve
100 Metre dash
Girls Winner- Nutavolu
1st Runner up – Lereteu Thopi
2nd Runner up – Vesuvelu
Boys Winner- Mudotso Dozo
1st Runner up- Velukho
2nd Runner up- Lurizo
800 Metre Race
Girls Winner- Vesuvelu
1st Runner up- Nutavelu
2nd Runner up- Nove
Boys Winner- Wathotsia
1st Runner up- Surhovo
2nd Runner up- Zhigheng
Long Jump
Girls Winner- Luzilu
1st Runner up- Akumsangla
2nd Runner up- Eneikuu Mero
Boys Winner- Lukuzo
1st Runner up- Wathotsia
2nd Runner up- Hukuta
High Jump
Girls Winner- Vephitalu Venyo
1st Runner up- Lurhelu
2nd Runner up- Eriweu Kapfo
Boys Winner- Lurizo
1st Runner up- Velukho
2nd Runner up- Razuvetha
Shot puts
Girls Winner- Vetulu
1st Runner up- Dzuvelu
2nd Runner up- Nill-
Boys Winner- Mudotso
1st Runner up- Thujoveyi
2nd Runner up- Sesolhi Ngachu
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