Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Unconscious people

It is a fact that the level of corruption prevalent in Nagaland not only shocks the people but adds to our worries and confusion as time and again the same dragon of corruption and nepotism raises its head to eat the vitals of our society. Today corruption has prevailed upon most of the corners of administrative mechanism. It has created inefficiency and wasteful expenditure. It has stretched its tentacles even to the local levels of administration and village level from which it was conspicuously absent in the past. Corruption prevailing in the ministerial kingdom steadily spread to the lower levels of administration through different stages contaminating everyone in the hierarchy. It has become their way of life. Today our society is contaminated by our public custodians’ personal preferences. In fact the corrupt and corruption have gone too far in our state. Such a situation points to one universally admitted fact that all is not well with the system of governance we have in place in this part of the world. Corrupt people rule us and corruption has become the religion of the postmodern politician. It makes us cry and our heads go down in shame and anger, sends shivers down our spine every time we hear of scams and scandals by those whom we trust and follow in the vain hope of good governance and accountability. There has been an age-old debate over all these scams and scandals and we are yet to reach a conclusion wherein things may be changed and perfection may be brought into the system. Slogans for change have been only rhetorical full of sound and fury without anything substantial on the ground. Everyone either in the administration or the society has failed miserably in curbing corruption. The reason is no one cares or has the will to stand against corruption. We end up blaming each other and replacing one system of mis-governance by another system of mis-governance, a vicious circle of unreason and illogic, nothing as such for the benefit of a common man who casts a vote for his welfare and for the dream of accountability to be realized in the corridors of power. All this has proved to be mere illusion for us all with no changes around us in governance and development. Now who is to blame for this? We the people who vote corrupt politicians to power are to blame as before casting a vote we never look at the eligibility and moral standards of the person we are voting for. After all, we choose them. We give them a chance to rule us. We empower their designs to exploit us. We trust them in the disbursing of funds that are actually meant for our welfare and development. So, before asking these corrupt politicians all of us voters must ask ourselves about our decisions to vote in favour of those candidates who are not worth the seat, which we give them by virtue of our votes and freedom of choice. It means we the people actually misuse our freedom of choice as by a mere finger touch we ruin the destiny of the whole State and this is one of the worst forms of corruptions in the world as we choose them to ruin our fortunes. Change as such will not come from heavens; people themselves have to change as their change actually will change everything in the system. It is also disgusting to see that news of corruption about this politician and that politician does not seem to have any impact on the minds of our people. All seems well with the people. They hardly care. They do not even protest against these tainted politicians who damage their welfare and future by embezzlement, nepotism and other such evil practices in the corridors of power. One really wonders why people are not moved, why they are not shaken out of their cozy beds to question the system they live in, deconstruct it and ask for a change in the way they are being ruled over by a class of people whose bellies bulge out by eating what a common man earns by dint of hard labour on a piece of land or on the road side.