UNC urges India on border issue


SENAPATI, MAY 6 : The United Naga Council (UNC) has accused the Government of India of “not doing much to protect our land and people” in the border areas from the aggression of the Myanmar authority.
The UNC also said that the Government of India’s insipid dealings on the “nefarious” activities of miscreants and security forces from Myanmar after crossing the international border has become a great concern.
On May 1, the UNC along with the Maring Uparup had gone to see the areas where the security forces from Myanmar are allegedly carrying out unwanted activities.
According to the UNC, security force personnel from Myanmar had removed a newly installed structure that demarcated the boundary line in the Indo-Myanmar border on the night of May 1. The newly constructed structure was also taken away by the security force personnel of Myanmar, the Naga body further alleged.
It can be noted here that, on being informed that the Myanmar authority had “encroached on the ancestral land of the Naga people” at Border Number 82, the UNC accompanied by Maring Uparup (Maring apex body) had conducted the inspection.
The UNC said that they constructed a small concrete structure on May 1 as a replacement of a weathered stump which was understood as the structure to demarcate between Myanmar and India in the international border at N Satang Maring village and Chotong Maring village in the Border Number 82. While constructing the concrete structure some people from the other side of the border (Myanmar) came near them. Later, late at night on May 1 the security force personnel of Myanmar came to the spot and removed the concrete structure, alleged the Naga body.
“When the Government of India could raise all hue and cry over the Arunachal Pradesh border dispute with China, why it cannot do the same in the Indo-Burma border?, asked the UNC. The Naga body also expressed disappointment that the Myanmar security forces are given a free hand to “do whatever they like in our land”. The Naga body further said that the people living in the border areas are going through a nightmarish experience. The UNC then urged the Government of India to address the issue with a nerve of urgency before things blow out of proportion. (Courtesy: NNN)