Wednesday, February 21, 2024

UN says world will ‘scrutinise’ Taliban actions

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Geneva, August 17: The United Nations is urging the Taliban to keep its promises, including its pledges to grant an amnesty to former government workers in Afghanistan, show inclusiveness for women and allow girls to remain in school.
The Taliban have made a number of statements that on the surface are reassuring, UN human rights office spokesman Rupert Colville told reporters Tuesday in Geneva.

But their actions speak deeper than words, and it’s very early now it’s very fluid.
He said the Taliban’s promises “need to be honoured.
Understandably, given their past history, these declarations have been greeted with some skepticism, Colville added.
Nevertheless, the promises have been made, and whether or not they are honoured or broken will be closely scrutinised.
Colville alluded to comments a day earlier from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres about chilling reports of human rights abuses and restrictions on rights especially those of women and girls in areas captured by the Taliban in recent weeks.

He also called on UN member states to use their influence with the Taliban to protect civilian lives. (AP)