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ULB polls: Lotha Hoho serves ultimatum to BJP Nagaland

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DIMAPUR, JUNE 12: After damaging its relations with the Church in Nagaland, followed by the disastrous Lok Sabha outcome, more trouble could be brewing in the horizon for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Nagaland.
On Wednesday, the Lotha Hoho served the saffron party in Nagaland an ultimatum: withdraw the party’s endorsement of Chenirao Jami’s candidature for Bhandari Town Council election or the Lotha Hoho will scrap its “co-operation/support” to the BJP.
“The Lotha Hoho is to hereby clarify that, due to involvement of Shri Chenirao Jami Lotha, S/O Shri Yanasao Jami of Lio Longidang village, Wokha District, Nagaland, in the matter of security threat to eliminate 25 Lotha intellectuals by the NSCN IM, the said Shri Chenirao Jami was excommunicated from the Lotha Community on the 9th July 2016 by the Lotha Hoho for 15 years.
“He is therefore officially not a bona fide Lotha Naga, and is therefore not eligible to hold any post of responsibility as a Lotha Naga, unless he successfully completes the stipulated period of excommunication”, it stated in a press release.
According to the Lotha Hoho, Chenirao Jami has been confirmed to have allotted a BJP ticket to contest for a seat in Bhandari Town Council. “Since the Lotha Hoho is the apex and statutory Lotha tribal organisation, the excommunication is legally binding under the provisions of Article 371A”, it stated, adding that it had asked the ADC, Bhandari, not to entertain the nomination of Chenirao.
“The matter is therefore brought to the knowledge of all concerned that as per the terms and conditions of the Excommunication Memo of Lotha Hoho, the defiance of the LH Excommunication will entail a further excommunication of the concerned Shri Chenirao Jami and now including his family for three consecutive future generations.
“Hence to keep its sanctity the Lotha Hoho, will have no other option but to implement its Memo, which will include its withdrawal of LH cooperation/support from the Bharatiya Janata Party, unless the Party withdraws the candidature of Shri Chenirao Jami”, the statement read.
The Lotha stated that it was providing an option to Chenirao as well as BJP “to consider their option to either comply with the LH terms of excommunication of 9th July 2016, or otherwise”.
“The follow up action of the Lotha Hoho will be dependent on the options exercised by the Bharatiya Janata Party and Shri Chenirao Jami Lotha”, it added.
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