Thursday, September 23, 2021

Ugandan arrested, suspected to be involved in black dollar scam

black dollar

DIMAPUR, JULY 29: Dimapur Police arrested one Ugandan national, identified as Michael Philip (35 yrs), for travelling on forged Visa documents.
During the preliminary investigation the individual was also found to be in possession of 4000 numbers of black paper in the size of foreign currency notes, 3 bottles containing suspected chemicals clearly indicating his involvement in black dollar/wash-wash scam, which was corroborated by the additional seizure of instructional manuals of converting the black paper into US dollars and Euro currency notes.
The black dollar scam is basically a hoax where the fraudster attempts to obtain money from the victims through deception that a bundle of bank note sized papers are actually currency notes that had been dyed to avoid detection by Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) and can be brought back to original dollar bills if treated with a particular chemical.
In this regard, a case has been registered at East Police Station, Dimapur. (Page News Service)