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TYSWO celebrates golden jubilee

Dr Chotisuh Sazo with others after unveiling the Monolith of TYSWO Golden Jubilee at Thenyizumi village on December 14, 2021.

Thenyizumi (Phek) December 14: The Thenyizumi Youth Social Welfare Organization (TYSWO) celebrated its golden jubilee with Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Dr Chotisuh Sazo as chief guest at the village ground today.
Addressing the celebration, the MLA pointed out the need to develop professionalism in sports while also giving importance to education.
He said Thenyizumi had pioneers of education and politics with persons like Lt N Theyo and Lt Punuhu Dawhuo and in sports with state wrestling coach Chisazo Dawhuo, State Archery Coach Hunezo Thisa and also of the present wrestling champion Venuzo Dawhuo among others. He challenged the younger generation to work harder and be dedicated to excel higher aiming for Olympics.
He added celebration of golden jubilee is worthy of the glorious past and further told the youth to retrospect and introspect to progress further in all fields.
Dr Sazo while pointing out that the people of Thenyizumi are gifted with the Sedzu river flowing through, which is considered as the lifeline of the people, in this regard he urged the people to take up farming and agricultural entrepreneurship.
He also stressed on the need for conservation and preservation of flora and fauna.
Further, he expressed optimism of the various ongoing road construction in the state and including Phek district that would boost connectivity that he said have huge potential for development and economic potential.
On the occasion, the chief guest unveiled the monolith and also released a souvenir to mark the celebration. The first TYSWO president Vekhwutso Resu lit the tournament torch commemorating the 50 glorious years.
Greetings were shared by the Village Council Chairman (VCC) Thenyizu, Medothi Rhakho and the president of Phek District Sports Association (PDSA) Nezosa Tetseo and while presidential address was delivered by Veseta Swuro.
On the first day, Naga Wrestling event marked the celebration of the golden Jubilee.
In the senior category, Vephuto Vero emerged as the champion defeating Venekho Dawhuo in the final bout of the wrestling event.
While Razouvoto Poru and Nuvezo stood in the 3rd and 4th position respectively.
In the Junior category, Huvoto Nakro stood in the first position, followed by Chosezo Nakro in second, while third and fourth position went to Zhoveto Nakro and Khrukho Swuro for the junior category.
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