Friday, September 22, 2023

Twenty-four today

 “Oh, how times flies!” is a common refrain. This refrain could be for so many reasons but for Nagaland Page, we celebrate the time flown, as today we complete twenty-fours of publication and embark on our silver jubilee year. The second oldest English daily newspaper of Nagaland, the first to publish seven-days-a-week, we dared to tear into the fear that Sunday publications would invite the wrath of the Church and so many people, to whom Sunday is not just a holy day but also a day to assert their Christian-ness the loudest. For one, we believe that every day is a holy day and must be lived accordingly. Secondly, we believe that there is no day of rest in the service of society ~ the people ~ because the human race doesn’t stop being human on any particular day of the week. Nagaland Page has not made any visible change ~ we remain black and white and our size is still small ~ but we do not count our blessings on merely the visible. Our greatest blessing is that we survived thus far, especially as the over-all economy took a torturous path over almost a decade and particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. We survived the economic ravages but we cannot and do not assume that we will survive the aftermath that has already begun. With things as they are, time may come, perhaps will even come when we may have no option but to fold-up ~ that too we will accept with equanimity, as much as we did every day of the past twenty-four years prayerfully. That we could survive and serve for almost a quarter of a century is a blessing we will always cherish whether we sink or sail. We charted numerous groundbreaking paths, to which not only Nagaland Page is a testimony but even papers before and after us bear the marks of our groundbreaking paths in some way or the other. While adhering to the spirit and letter of the Fourth Estate to the best of our ability, Nagaland Page has also always been unconventional and we take pride in the fact that we have proved that unconventionality doesn’t mean a compromise of the soul of the Fourth Estate. It just means that there are always several paths to enrich the Fourth Estate to meet the needs of the times, tastes and trends. Yet, we have not abandoned our most loyal older readers, who still remain our greatest support and strength. It is only when we live through history we can understand and appreciate the present and anticipate what our days to come would likely be. It is not without reason wisdom is associated with age. Whether we sink or sail in the days to come, Nagaland Page can also always hold our head high with the clear conscience and knowledge that we have served no master except the people ~ our knees have not bent to serve mammon or men with dubious designs. Yes, there is always the scope and space for improvements and that is our every day endeavour ~ we failed at times; at other times, we know we have made some difference to someone somewhere. If that were not so, we could not have survived for twenty-fours. It is also quite established that Nagaland Page is a thinking person’s paper ~ a person who sees beyond the headlines, reads between the lines and most of all a person who discerns the hype and hyperbole from substance and knows credibility at first glance. For almost a quarter of a century, Nagaland Page has striven to maintain professional and personal integrity for which we have paid dearly so many times and in so many ways. But what is a newspaper without integrity? What is the Fourth Estate without integrity? What is a person without integrity and what is the human race without integrity? There is much good and bad to say of a twenty-four-year-old newspaper ~ perhaps, the days to come will speak of them some way or the other. But for now, allow us to let these past twenty-four years sink in and acknowledge the Almighty’s presence in every second of our existence. Allow us to express our gratitude to everyone of you, who have also stood with us every step of the way. We couldn’t have come thus far alone.