Wednesday, May 12, 2021

TVYO, TSU resents lapses in handling returnees at Tening

Dimapur, July 3: The Tening Village Youth Organization (TVYO) and Tening Students’ Union (TSU) has expressed resentment towards the lapses and negligence involved in handling the Haryana Returnees who were sent to home quarantine without proper medical confirmation by the concerned authority and later they were tested positive for COVID-19.
In a representation to the Minister in-charge for COVID-19 Management, Peren District, the TYVO and TSU stated despite overall awareness about the deadly pandemic and obedience of the public in compliance with precautionary measures and law and order provided by the authority, the incident has proved the unpreparedness and lackadaisical attitude of the concerned authority, which imposes a threat to the community at large.
In this regard, both the organizations demanded the concerned authority to undergo immediate tracing and perform necessary medical tests to all those in contact with the patient.
They stated that as the positive cases for COVID-19 has been detected in Tening, the community is potentially exposed and left vulnerable to the disease. Therefore, to combat the disease and enhance the safety of the community, the Organization demanded proper medical personnel to be deployed at the earliest.
In order to prevent further spread of the disease, the organizations said all persons in contact with the patients should be screened and tested and for that it demanded TrueNat machine to be installed at the earliest.
The Organizations further demanded accustomed ambulance to be placed at Primary Health Centre, Tening for any medical emergencies that may arise within Tening area.
“Failing to fulfill the urgent demand after repeated mishandling of the case in the district, the concerned authority will be held responsible for any community spreading and undesirable fatalities that may arise thereof,” the representation signed by TVYO president, Metihusung and TVYO general secretary, Angiebo, TSU president, Ngauphutlak and general secretary, Kewiphibang stated. (Page News Service)