Monday, June 21, 2021
Page Mail

TVBCLN appreciates

Dear Madam,
The undersigned would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Peter Lichamo NCS, Deputy Commissioner and all the subordinate officers and staff, Uniel Kichu Ao IPS, Superintendent of Police and all rank and file of DEF Zunheboto, Chief Medical Officer and all the subordinate officers and staffs, district task force DTF Zunheboto, Chamber of Commerce and Industries ZCCI, Sumi Hoho, STH Apex, STH Zunheboto Unit, SBAK (Nito mout), SBAK (Aizuto) Suki Kumami Hoho SKH, GBs of all sector, North East live channel, Green Club Zunheboto, volunteers from different organization and individuals.
Our special thanks goes to DC and SP Zunheboto which truly reflects their concerted efforts to contain the community spread of Covid-19 in the district and work 24×7. Besides, well coordination with the District Task Force and general public which drives all the apex NGos organization and various churches in the district has come forward for welfare of quarantine centre at Zunheboto without any hindrance and effectively managed with the support of all citizens.
Ivan Zhimomi, Team Leader, Tizu Valley Biodiversity Conservation & Livelihood Network (TVBCLN)