Saturday, May 15, 2021

Turkey’s election board declares Erdogan winner

Ankara, Turkey, June 25: Turkey’s national electoral board has pronounced incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the winner of the country’s presidential election with an “absolute majority” of valid votes.
Speaking early Monday, the head of the Supreme Election Council said 97.7 of votes had been counted. Sadi Guven said the remaining votes would not affect the outcome of Erdogan’s re-election.
The vote also ushered in an executive presidency system giving Erdogan sweeping new powers.
Guven also announced that unofficial results showed 5 parties had passed the 10% election threshold required to enter Parliament.
They are Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party, its allied Nationalist Movement Party, the main secular opposition Republican People’s Party, the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party and the center-right Good Party.
Thousands of people are celebrating in the predominantly Kurdish southeastern city of Diyarbakir after a pro-Kurdish party passed a difficult electoral threshold to enter Parliament.
Revelers waved the flags of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, or HDP, and blared their car horns. One party supporter, Nejdet Erke, said he was “waiting for this emotion” since the morning.
Despite no media coverage and a crackdown, HDP passed a 10% threshold necessary to get seats in the legislature. According to unofficial results, it will be the third largest party in Parliament with 67 seats.
Nine lawmakers, including presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtas, and thousands of party members are in prison on alleged terror charges with links to outlawed Kurdish insurgents.
A fragile peace process with Kurdish insurgents fell apart in 2015 and led to clashes across the southeast. Davut Kaymaz, a celebrant from the historic Sur district, which was destroyed during clashes, said “I have seen many cruelties here. Now we are celebrating.” (AP)