Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Tuisem Shishak annual lecture held at PCC


Dimapur, March 25: The second Tuisem A Shishak annual lecture was held today at Bundrock Auditorium. The annual lecture is jointly organised by the college and Alumni Association, PCC.
On the day, Founder Principal, Dr Tuisem A Shishak presented the ‘Annual Alumni Excellence Award’ to Neichute Doulo of 1994 batch. He is also the CEO of the Entrepreneurs Associates, Nagaland.
Director, Christian Institute of Health Sciences and Research (CIHSR) Dr. Sedevi Angami as the speaker delved at length on ‘Leadership and institution building in a changing world’. Emphasising on institutions as vital in the growth of a nation, Dr Sedevi stressed on contributing significantly in all aspects of the affairs of the state for the nation to grow.
Underlining the components of good institutions, Dr Sedevi mentioned, great vision, a strong heritage of foundational values, effective governance structures, growing infrastructure that supports the processes, highly motivated staff, dynamic engaging processes, vibrant networks and partnerships as vital organs of a good institute.
He also stressed on dynamic partnerships and called upon the college authority to develop excellent courses by engaging actively in various fields of industry such as education, health, finance, agriculture, business, engineering.
The speaker also highlighted on the importance of good leadership and stressed on the need to identify and equip leadership.
A healthy institution needs to have enabling policies, dynamic and engaging operational systems, SOPs, sound financial systems, continuous quality improvement, transparency and integrity, Dr Sedevi maintained.
In the interaction round moderated by Dean of Social Science, A G Samuel, students and faculty asked questions on how to enable inclusivity, qualities of a good leader, and role of institutions. (Page News Service)