Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Tuensang Impasse Representation: ENPO give 5 days to state Govt to decide

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Dimapur, June 24: A joint consultative meeting with 6 tribal bodies, frontal organizations and advisors was held to deliberate in regard to ENPO’s May 28 Representation to the State Government to initiate disciplinary action against the Government officers involved in a deliberate violation of SOP and forcefully directing to transport the stranded people to Tuensang on May 26 last, thereby sending a COVID-19 patient along with 168 passengers back to Tuensang from Kohima without waiting for results of their test samples and endangering the lives of many.
After day-long deliberations on the issue, it was unanimously resolved by the Joint Consultative Meeting, on behalf of the public of Eastern Nagaland that the ENPO would wait for 5 days with effect from the date of adoption of the resolution for the Cabinet to deliberate and take action.
It may be mentioned that on June 6 last, the Government had written to the ENPO wherein it stated, “On receipt of the findings/recommendations of the JIC, the Cabinet will promptly deliberate the matter and initiate action in the shortest possible time.”
The meeting was attended by CKS president, Nungsanglemba, KTC vice president, Peniang, KU Dimapur president, Mosa, PPC secretary, S Yanger, USLP general secretary, Athumse, YTC vice president, Kiumuhan, ENPO president, Kekongchim, ENPO general secretary, Manlang Phom, ENWO general secretary, Ruthsan Y and ENSF president, Sipill. (Page News Service)