Tuensang fiasco: Reveal name of officers involved, demands ENCSU

Tuensang fiasco: Reveal name of officers involved, demands ENCSU

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Dimapur, May 31: The Eastern Nagaland College Students’ Union (ENCSU) has strongly demanded the State Government reveal the name of the officers or the persons involved in sending returnees to Eastern Nagaland without maintaining safety protocol.
“The state government has totally violated the Disaster Management Act, protocol and SOP of COVID-19. Such a big crime was committed by GoN towards Eastern Nagaland,” said the ENCSU media cell in a statement.
The union warned that if the Government continues to delay or hide the officers involved, it would only be “inviting another problem.” It asked the Government and the concerned authority to come up with facts in public domain for better understanding of the reason behind the sending of returnees from Kohima to Tuensang without waiting for the COVID-19 test results.
The ENCSU also warned that if the Government fails to address the demand of ENPO, it will be compelled “to disturb the peaceful environment” and if any untoward incident occurs, the State Government will be held solely responsible.
The union also expressed dissatisfaction at the Government order setting up a judicial probe, and asking the committee to submit report within 15 days, saying it is just a waste of time. It urged the State Government to ask the judicial committee to complete the probe within a week.
The ENCSU also clarified that it is not against any respected tribes of Nagaland or any section of organization, but is questioning the State Government for playing with the life of Eastern students in particular and Eastern Nagaland in general, and also for not the Government rule and order to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in the State.
Asking the Government to explain the functioning of State COVID-19 War Room, the union questioned, “What War Room were doing on that very day? And also why the Kohima District Administration are silent on this issue?”
The statement also expressed doubt over the assurance to set up BSL-2 lab at Tuensang, when the Dimapur BSL-2 lab is yet to be installed. “Then how it can be possible by a week in Eastern Nagaland. So, ENCSU deeply urge the State Government and the concern Department to immediately provide the manpower to setup the BSL-3 labs in Eastern areas,” it added. (Page News Service)