Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Tuensang fiasco: ENPO seeks Governor’s intervention for disciplinary action against erring officials

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Dimapur, June 2: The Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organization (ENPO) has sought the intervention of the Governor of Nagaland in respect to the representation submitted to Chief Minister on May 28 last demanding immediate disciplinary action against those government officials involved in a deliberate violation of SOP and forcibly directing to transport the stranded people to Tuensang.
The ENPO also urged the Governor to direct the state Government to take disciplinary action against the erring officials.
In a representation to the Governor, the ENPO mentioned that when the returnees were forcibly sent to Tuensang, a COVID-19 positive patient along with 168 passengers was sent back to Tuensang from Kohima without waiting for the results of their test samples, endangering the lives of many.
The ENPO stated that in a representation, they have demanded that the action should be taken and for which the state Government would be held fully responsible.
ENPO president, Kekongchim and general secretary, Manlang Phom further stated that it is a habitual deliberate lackadaisical attitude of the state Government of Nagaland towards the marginalized people of Eastern Nagaland to timely and fairly response to any of their issues.
“As such, in what appears to be an absolute and deliberate negligence, the state Government has not taken any action in this regard even after the expiry of dateline,” it stated.
The ENPO called on the Governor for immediate intervention and direct the state Government to take disciplinary action in order to hold to account all those responsible officers for discriminatory practices. (Page News Service)