Thursday, June 8, 2023

Tsungremmong celebrated at Mongsenyimti village


Dimapur, August 2: Advisor for Technical Education & Elections, Medo Yhokha celebrated Tsungremmong festival, the premier pre harvest seasonal festival of Ao Nagas at Mongsenyimti village on August 2.
Speaking at the occasion, Minister for PWD (Housing & Mechanical), Tongpang Ozukum, who hails from the host village thanked Advisor Medo Yhokha on behalf of the citizens of Mongsenyimti vilage for gracing the celebration with his presence on such an important occasion.
He stated that the people from Mongsenyimti village are indulged in practising traditional practices and usages in their daily lives and therefore he encouraged them to continue to preserve and protect their aged old traditions and cultural values.
The minister also said that Mongsenyimti villagers should be very thankful to God for blessing them in every aspect but most importantly for blessing them with the opportunity to have a bonafide citizen of the village to lead and represent their constituency in Nagaland Legislative Assembly, which, he said, should be accepted with all humility.
Advisor for Technical Education & Elections, Medo Yhokha while delivering his speech exhorted about the importance of village elders in our present society and how their decisions determine and influence the progress of the village.
Likewise, he shared his optimism that the council and village elders of Mongsenyimti village will continue to take the right decision for the betterment of the village and the area people as a whole.
In his maiden visit to Mongsenyimti village, the Yhokha was also surprised to learn about the peaceful co-existence of Chang and Ao tribe in Chakpa village since, which falls under 24 Angetyongpang Assembly Constituency. He added that the citizens and the village of Chakpa will serve as a positive example for peace in unity for the rest of the Nagas especially during these trying times when our Naga society is fragmented while seeking for a common and peaceful solution to our Naga political issues.
He also lauded the citizens of Mongsenyimti for choosing and electing a dynamic legislator like Minister Tongpang Ozukum from their fold to represent the area in the assembly. He also asked the gathering to set aside personal differences and stay united for the betterment of Mongsenyimti village and the area as a whole. (Page News Service)