Sunday, July 25, 2021
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TSUD opposes move to open schools, colleges

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, JULY 18: Asserting that it is practically impossible to maintain COVID-appropriate behaviours when in a classroom, the Tenyimi Students’ Union Dimapur (TSUD) has said that the State Government’s decision to resume classroom teachings “poses a grave threat to the society as a whole”.

The Union issued a press release on Sunday pointing out that with Health Scientists predicting a more severe 3rd COVID wave and the virus mutating to an even deadlier variation, the resumption of classes will have to be followed up with all the restrictions lifted for vehicular movement and other activities, which might open up floodgates of the virus and will be disastrous.
“As both teachers and students have now been familarised with online classes despite many difficulties, the Union is of the view that online classes are the best option for now, in the interest of everyone”, read the press release.
TSUD also appealed to all educational institutions to reconsider tuition fees raised from students on facilities that are not utilised.
It stated that many parents and students have objected that that several institutions are realising the full tuition fees without any consideration.
While acknowledging that many parents may be struggling to pay their children’s fees incurring huge financial losses to the institutions, the Union appealed to all educational institutions to allow considerations for those parents who have been regularly paying fees.

“While facilities like lunch, electricity, buses services and other facilities are not in use, the public understands that the salaries of the cooks and drivers should be raised from students; but it would greatly alleviate the parents if a small percentage can be deducted”, it stated.
TSUD appreciated those institutions that has voluntarily waived off certain percentage of fees since the pandemic last year. (Page News Service)