Friday, February 26, 2021
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TSU calls off agitation against BSNL


Dimapur, March 9: The Tening Students Union has called off its mass agitation against the deplorable cellular service of BSNL at Tening ADC Headquarter today following positive response from the BSNL. The TSU launched the agitation on March 8.
TSU president Ngouphutlak Nrak in a press release said the agitation was called off after positive response from the firm.
The TSU said the BSNL has assured it will secure the connection and will set up a separate direct connection between Peren and Tening. The BSNL has sought 45 days to set up their equipment, while requesting TSU to withdraw the agitation. Ngouphutlak Nrak said the agitation was called off Saturday afternoon. (Page News Service)