Monday, June 21, 2021

Tsonglaknyi festival celebrated

Dimapur, October 12: Culture and tradition are made by God not by man, and if it is lost everything is lost, Adviser for Printing and Stationary, H Haiying said during the celebration of Tsonglaknyi festival at IG Stadium Meriema on October 12.
Haiying said that Naga culture and tradition are unique, and urged the gathering to respect other cultures and traditions. He said festival is a time to forgive and forget, and to let peace and prosperity prevail in our land.
He further added that success and progress come through sincerity, humility and hardwork.
The programme was chaired by T Asuthong, Treasurer TUK; folk song “O ha ha ha Tsonglak akii” was presented by Kiuti Khia Tsinrechip; significance of Tsonglakni was shared by T.L. Kiusiimong, executive member TUK; a short speech was given by Topan, Tikhir Tribal President (TTC); vote of thanks was addressed by James Tikhir, President TUK and vote of thanks was delivered by Khiungakiu S Tikhir. (Page News Service)