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Tseminyu district demand intensifies with 58km “Walkathon”


KOHIMA, NOVEMBER 23: Intensifying its movement for Tseminyu district demand, the Rengma Selo Zi (RSZ) today undertook a “Walkathon” covering a distance of 58 km from Tseminyu to Kohima.
RSZ stated that “Walkathon” is one of the flagship events of the RSZ, organized in solidarity with, and in furtherance of the Rengma peoples’ long-held aspiration and demand for creation of Tseminyu District and to register its resentment over the lapse of 73 years since the creation of the Bench Court, Tseminyu, in 1948, which still remains a Sub-Division unlike the other 4 Bench Courts and other districts created till date.

“This event is aimed at drawing the attention of the Government towards the abysmal nature of decision-making with regard to creation of Tseminyu district, reminding it on the reality and urgency of the matter, as well as the injustice experienced and sustained by virtue of the Government’s indecision on the matter”, stated Kenneth Kath, president RSZ and Zukeya Woch, advisor RSZ & Convenor, RSZ Core Group.
The “Walkathon” involved a marathon 15 hours’ walk from Tseminyu to Kohima, covering a distance of 58 km signifying the 58 years of Nagaland statehood, which was flagged off at 3 a.m., from 58 km Milestone, NH-2 in Tseminyu Sub-Division to Kohima HQ along the NH-2 and culminated at the Naga Solidarity Park, Kohima.
The “Walkathon” involved 73 participants, signifying the 73 long years that have lapsed since the inception of Tseminyu as an administrative unit in 1948.
RSZ stated that “Tseminyu District Demand Walkathon” is a democratic expression of the Rengma people’s long struggle and aspiration for recognition as a community, of its unique history and identity as a tribe, as well as an administrative unit.

The “walkathon” is thus aimed at signifying the long and never ending struggle, as much as profound aspiration and endeavour of the community towards due recognition and aggrandizement through up-gradation of Tseminyu district, which represents not only the history and identity of the tribe, but its struggles and challenges, as a way forward and as the answer and end to the struggles and deprivation of Tseminyu and its citizens.
The “Walkathon” is part of a series of RSZ flagship events of democratic expressions towards furthering and amplifying the Rengma people’s aspirations and demand for a separate Tseminyu district following up on its “Tseminyu District Demand Voices Poster Campaign” and “Tseminyu District Demand Motor Rally” in addition to the over-the-table representations and expressions of the community led by the Rengma Hoho and its frontal organizations.
The “Tseminyu District Demand Walkathon” represents the united voice and cry of the Rengmas as a community, with its own unique history, identity and merit and need for recognition and emancipation, it added.
On reaching Kohima, the participants were received by the Rengma community in the State capital at High School Junction. They also joined the walkers from there till the Naga Solidarity Park behind Secretariat holding flags demanding up-gradation of Tseminyu Sub-Division into a district.

At the Solidarity Park, a reception programme was held with leaders of Angami Public Organization (APO), Angami Youth Organization (AYO) and Pochury Hoho Kohima also joined in declaring the volunteers “heroes” and creators of history for the Rengmas.
Rengma Hohi president Pollen Tep, while highlighting the continuous demand for Tseminyu district, expressed hope that Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio would uphold his assurance given to the Rengma Hoho and leaders to announce Tseminyu district within this year.
Angami Public Organisation vice president Neivor Rutsa said Rengmas are not demanding any special provision but are asking for something which they deserve since long time ago.
“APO is extending solidarity with you so that you live a prosperous and happy life. Your joy is our joy and your suffering is our suffering”, he said.
Let not the distance of 58 km take away the spirit of understanding and brotherhood, he said.
Angami Youth Organization president Kekhrie Pfukha lauded the participants of the walkathon.
We are in solidarity with Tsemnyu district creation, he said while extending full support to RSZ.

The Rengmas and the Angamis have lived and survived as peaceful neighbours under one district administration. Though there is a demand for a separate district, it is our desire that we will be able to survive peacefully as good neighbours in the days to come, he said.
The Rengmas are a recognised tribe of the Nagas. It is high time the Government pay a listening ear to their demands, he said.
He also appreciated RSZ for expressing their rights through democratic means.
“There is no iota of doubt that the 13th district will be Tseminyu district”, he said while appealing the Government to listen to calls of the Rengmas.
Pochury Hoho Kohima president S Nyusou termed the participants as heroes and that their action will be remembered as history creators.
Expressing solidarity, he hoped that the Government will listen to the cries.
RSZ representation to Chief Minister Nagaland
After the marathon walk, RSZ submitted a representation to Chief Minister Nagaland through Deputy Commissioner, Kohima.
“Tseminyu District demand and the justifications meriting our aspiration thereof are matters in the clear knowledge and understanding of your esteemed office; the Rengma Hoho having submitted the latest of its many memorandums on 25th August, 2021 on behalf of the Rengma community”, sated the representation signed by RSZ president Kenneth Kath and RSZ joint secretary Kenyuhilo Semy

The representation stated that RSZ duly acknowledges the efforts made by the State Government by way of constituting various committees to examine and recommend proposals related to creation or up-gradation of new administrative headquarters, as well as creation of new districts in the State, the latest committee constituted under the Chairmanship of the Commissioner, Nagaland, whereby, the deadline for submission of its report expires today (November 23).
It stated that the Tseminyu District creation has not been given due priority despite going under the scanner of several committees in the past.
“We wish to appraise your good office that it has been 73 years since the creation of Tseminyu Bench Court, in 1948”, the representation stated.
“The RSZ, while assuring our continued cooperation and support to the Government in all matters of public interest, registers our displeasure on the State Government’s indecision on the matter; and affirms that it has and will continue to remain outrightly vocal and firm in action on matters concerning the community, having been mandated by the people to represent, uphold and promote its interests”, the representation stated.
Meanwhile, RSZ requested Chief Minister “for considerate and timely action towards our justified cause, to renew the people’s faith in fairness and justice for “justice delayed is justice denied”.”
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