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Tseminyu accident: Fake news peddlers apologise

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 23: Following the Rengma Hoho’s appeal for a police probe into the alleged theft of victims’ belongings during the tragic accident that claimed 8 lives at K Station on September 20, four persons have apologised for their false claim about said theft.
On Saturday, the Superintendent of Police Tseminyu, forwarded to local newspapers the apology letter written by Watienla Jamir, Anung Walling Elemenz, Aien Amri and Saoyang Imlong.
“In the immediate aftermath of this tragic event, we unintentionally made statements accusing certain individuals of taking advantage of the victims’ vulnerability and distress by stealing their personal belongings, which included mobile phones, cash and luggage. Regrettably, these statements were made without proper verification and were based solely on hearsay.
“We deeply regret the harm and confusion that our baseless statements may have caused to any individual concerned. We acknowledge that it was a grave error on our part to make such allegations without concrete evidence and verification before making public assertions and we fully accept the responsibility for the distress it may have caused”, the letter read.
The repentant quartet also expressed gratitude to the all passersby, the public of Tseminyu district, Kithagha area, Kandinyu area, Rengma Hoho, Rengma Mothers Association, Rengma Student Union, Rengma Selozi, Police, District Administration, Medical Department and others who came forward with timely help and assistance during the tragic incident, particularly the K Station villagers.
“Your support and compassion during that difficult time were invaluable and we are genuinely thankful for it. Once again, we sincerely apologize for any harm caused by our earlier statements, and we hope that this apology serves as a step toward healing and reconciliation for all those affected by this unfortunate incident”, the letter stated.
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