Friday, May 24, 2024

TSC celebrates 38th Foundation Day


Dimapur, January 3: Tesophenyu Sporting Club (TSC) held its 38th Foundation Day cum Annual General Body Meeting on December 26 last at the Convention Ground Tesophenyu (Lorinyu) with Dr.Shasinlo Magh as the special guest.
In his address, Dr. Shasinlo impressed the Club members that the sporting concept is not only about winning but for physical fitness, growth, and development of personality.
He stressed that sporting activities should encompass overall development in curbing modern-day ills of sedentary life and problems of obesity and awareness to keep oneself healthy, strong, and fit.
The special guest further motivated the members about the benefits of sports activities such as reduction of obesity, proper sleep, greater confidence, and enhancement of social skills. Towards the end, the special guest urged the members to develop skills, follow one’s passion and tap the skill of children at an early age. At the same time, the special guest ignited the Club members that “youth must be guided to face tomorrow courageously” and exhorted about the stage of youth stating that “It is time to learn and venture into impossible. One should be humble, learn the best and strive to become the best”.
Ntsenyhun Tep chaired the programme. Rev.Wachulo Jemu invoked an invocation prayer. Abraham Chung delivered a welcome note.
A P Francis in his presidential note briefed about the brief history, achievements and way forward of the Club. TSC football players presented a special song. Soyhunlo Seb presented the general report of the Club and Er Ruchuyhung Seb pronounced a word of gratitude.
During the Annual General Body Meeting, the Selection Commission presented its report for the Club’s new office bearers for the tenure 2022-2024.
The following persons were approved through a voice vote to govern the affairs of the Club namely A P Francis Magh (President), Akito Chung & Khwenhile Seb (Vice Presidents), Soyhunlo Seb(General Secretary), Sothonglo Tep & Sinshale Magh (Joint Secretaries), Er.Ruchuyhung Seb (Finance Secretary), Nrilo Tep(Treasurer), Tenyeyhunlo Kemp & Paul Magh(Games & Sports Secretary), Shalo Seb & Ruth Kath(Education Secretaries), Okathong Tep & Kamvii Seb(Information & Social Media Secretaries), Enoch Tep (Resource Secretary) and Abraham Chung & Chenole Tep(Culture Secretaries).
The meeting resolved to host its tournament triennially for the Tseminyu District and for which the 2nd Edition of the TSC Tournament will be held in 2024. The Club also constituted the construction and finance committee for its office.
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