Truth cannot be sacrificed for anything


Dear Madam,
Thanks to the series of cheap obscene third-rated jokes circulating in social media, it has been come to light that Imran Khan is failing to utter “J” and “K” when asked to narrate A to Z! Why! Because “J and K has been taken up by India”! Oh, what a classic joke indeed!
This “fool” is extremely curious to know the answers of 2 “silly” questions :– Was “J & K” not part of India till few weeks earlier also? Has that part of Kashmir, which we know as POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir), also come in control of India at last!
What an insanity invading the society! Anybody can say anything he/she wishes on Kashmir and these cheap baseless trash are getting zealously applauded circulated promoted!
Seen on this very perspective, it is simply a wonder how rare gems like Kannan Gopinathan are still emerging from this very society overwhelmingly dominated by lunatics heartless and zealots! When almost all are preferring to remain absolutely blind to murder of human rights, when almost all are worshipping the muscle flexing crude elements possessing zero respect towards humanity; Kannan instead bats for his own independent voice and conscience by feeling pain on viewing many things inhumanitarian and does not hesitate to sacrifice comfort power career money and lucrative future!
Indeed Conscience and Humanity should have the last laugh in life and Kannan has displayed it through concrete action reminding us of British historian and journalist Goldwin Smith’s eternal saying “Above all nations is humanity” and that of Swami Vivekananda’s — “Every thing can be sacrificed for truth, but truth cannot be sacrificed for anything”.
Salute to this ray of hope amidst stark darkness lunacy insanity and intolerance all around.
Kajal Chatterjee, Kolkata-114.