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“True progress” has evaded Naga society: KT Sukhalu

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DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 7: Advisor to School Education Department and SCERT KT Sukhalu on Wednesday said that “true progress” has evaded Naga society in general and the Sümi community in particular “because the community itself is broken within”.
A press release stated that Sukhala made this observation while speaking at the inauguration of village gate at Asukhomi in Zunheboto district. According to him, progress of any society “depends on the amount of co-operation and unity that its members are willing to put in”.
Sukhalu referred to Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio’s visit to Satakha in March last year, where he had purportedly said that there has been inconsistency of leadership among the Sümi community because the people have been ‘cutting down trees without giving them a chance to fruit’.
According to him, the purpose of rehashing the CM’s words was to remind the people that they are responsible for creating an ecosystem for leadership development. Taking the example of Zunheboto district where the political leadership has been inconsistent for the last three decades, he called on the community to not only look for personal benefits but retrospect and find a way to choose leaders who will take the community forward.
“We cannot compete or participate within the broader society if we are broken within”, he added.
Focusing on Zunheboto-specific issues, the Advisor further stated that a proposal has been put up at the SLEC to change the name of the Government High School in Zunheboto to Xuvishe Memorial Government Higher Secondary School, in honour of Xuvishe, a native of Asukhomi village.
He also encouraged the Asukhomi people to make plans to develop the Government fishery in the village and other scenic areas in and around their jurisdiction in order to promote tourism.
Further, he addressed the demand for an NPSC exam centre in the district and informed that it can only be set up if there are at least 150 candidates appearing the exams consistently for a few years. Informing that in 2018 only 97 candidates had applied from the district, 46 in 2019 and 176 in 2021, he said that the establishment of a centre would happen if the numbers stay above the minimum requirement.
Also, the Advisor reminded that Nagaland Government has a salaried budget ~ not a development budget ~ and recounted how the pandemic has put a brake on kinds of all works in the State as the inflow of funds from the Centre was affected, further impending the State Government’s development plans on many levels.
While the situation has improved at present, he said that the people should keep the circumstances of the pandemic years in mind, and work in tandem with the Government.
Sukhalu also noted that Asukhomi village has produced many officers and leaders both in the past and present. He expressed hope that such a trend would continue and the village would progress and prosper even in the future.
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