‘True Love Keeps Moving’ released


True Love Keeps Moving: A collection of prose and poetry by 27-year old Wedekhro Naro, who currently works with Four Seasons Kuwait was released today by Colo Mero, Director of Life Ministries at Hotel Ura Kohima.
Releasing the book, he remarked that he and the author are very alike in the sense that they are both fearless, ruthless, and shameless. “We tell our stories shamelessly. I do it from the pulpit, and we hear less or him speaking but he writes openly and frankly”, he said. Asserting that we live in a society where talks about love, sex and marriage are considered taboo and shameful, he however said that, ‘but we also come from a society where beheading and bedding beautiful women were honoured and respected and were rewarded.’
He commended Wedekhro for coming out in the open with stories of relationships, which are so original, so true, and so alive. Stating that we live in a society where everything about relationship is so reserved, he expressed hope that he rises up to be one person who is going to inspire many people to share about their relationships. Towards this end, he also noted that boy-girl relationships are destroying many many lives today and many parents feel it’s too early to talk about relationships with teenagers but he stressed that it’s better to save them than to repair.
“I hope this book will inspire many people about relationships because it is so brutally honest”, he added and further pointed out that the fact that a Naga, that too from a village talking about love, sex and marriage in this way is like a dream but lauded him for boldly sharing stories about relationships. He said these are issues but we need people who would open up, so that people can learn from your mistakes. Mero impressed upon that it is in opening like this that people will also open up and share, and solve problems. Stressing that lust is breaking many young people, and breaking many hopes, he went on to say that the truly courageous men, the real men are those who would say no to what is wrong and yes to what is right even if he is to be mocked. The author, he said, is one rising example both at work and in life.
In her publisher’s note, Vishü Rita Krocha said that every book has a life of its own and True Love Keeps Moving comes across as funny, entertaining; a book that’s honest and is essentially filled with the emotion of love. The book, she said is partly fiction but expressed that it is real in so many ways, while adding belief that a lot of what the author personally felt and experienced must have gone into making the book.