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Trucks carrying essential supplies stopped in Manipur’s Tamenglong district

Imphal, June 17: More than 100 trucks carrying essential items to Imphal were stopped on NH 53 near Tatbung in Manipur’s Tamenglong district on Monday by people who have called for an indefinite blockade of the Imphal-Silchar highway to protest violence in Jiribam district, police said.
“Blockade supporters mostly women prevented the convoy which was coming from Jiribam and headed for Imphal valley, ” the police said.
The CRPF was providing escort to the trucks, they said, adding that the trucks were carrying fuel, LPG and other essential items.
Quoting a truck driver who is part of the convoy, an official said that the CRPF appealed to the blockade supporters to allow the trucks to pass but were not allowed.
An indefinite blockade along NH 53 Imphal Silchar highway has been called by Kuki Zo Village volunteers Vangailhang and Tuilangkol on June 13 to protest the outbreak of violence in Jiribam district and has been endorsed by Kuki Women Union Jiribam and Tamenglong district.
Violence in Jiribam district has claimed at least two lives. More than 100 houses have been burnt and more than 2,000 people have been displaced.
On June 6, the body of 59-year-old Soibam Saratkumar Singh was discovered in Jiribam district triggering violence in the district which was not affected by ethnic violence till then..
Jiribam, which has a diverse ethnic composition comprising Meiteis, Muslims, Nagas, Kukis and non-Manipuris, has remained unaffected by the ethnic strife that has been raging in Manipur since May last year.
The ethnic conflict between Imphal valley-based Meiteis and hills-based Kukis has led to the deaths of over 200 people and rendered thousands of people homeless. (PTI)