Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Truck owners, drivers of Assam sand suppliers resolve

Dimapur, February 9: The Truck Owners & Drivers of Assam Sand Suppliers held a joint meeting on February 9 at Lahorijan Sunday Market, Delai Road and discussed at length regarding the taxation on sand laden trucks particularly at Delai gate and New Field Check Gate. The meeting resolved that suppliers would only pay tax to NSCN (IM) and 4 groups in NNPGs (NSCN-U, NSCN-R, NSCN-K and FGN) and the extra money which is collected by Sand Union Dimapur would not be paid.
It also resolved that suppliers would directly deal with concerned department/authority in the near future. The suppliers requested the NNPGs to consider their request.
The truck owners also directed the drivers to pay the amount which was resolved in the meeting and if not accepted and then stop the vehicles at the said gate until the demand is met.
Meanwhile, the vehicle owners of sand suppliers have been informed that there would be election of office bearers for which the date and time would be intimated later. Around 40 truck owners attended the meeting.
According to a press release issued by Nito Sumi, Supplier, the Karbi Anglong Sand & Stone Mahaldar and Suppliers Association (KASSMSA) president, Detward Bey has informed that the Association has stopped collecting Rs 3000 per trip with effect from February 6 and also as requested by Karbi Anglong & Dimapur Transporter Association (KADTA) president, Anil Toppo and general secretary, Nito Sumi to roll back the sand price hiked by Rs 10 per cft on July 1, 2018, the Association has agreed to their request and fixed the previous rate of Rs 22 per cft.
KASSMSA had requested the KADTA to inform all vehicle owner of sand suppliers regarding the rollback of sand royalty with immediate effect.
(Page News Service)