Sunday, July 25, 2021
North East

Tripura Congress chief resigns

AGARTALA, SEPTEMBER 24: Tripura Congress president Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarma Tuesday announced his resignation from the party.
A week after he met the party high command, the state Congress chief, in a Facebook post, wrote, “#Resigned. Woke up today after a long time feeling relaxed. I start this day without having to listen to criminals and liars. Not having to worry about which colleague will backstab u, not having to indulge in groupism and backchat. Not having to listen to ‘High Command’ on how to accommodate corrupt people in high positions.”
He said that he tried to stop wrong elements in society from getting posts and positions in the party to save Tripura from being destroyed. “I tried and perhaps I lost but then how could I win when I was alone in this fight from the beginning?” he asked. He also expressed his wish to make valuable contributions to the state after his political affiliations are severed. “Today I can contribute for my state with a clear and honest mind. The Bubagra (king) in me is more powerful than any political post”, Pradyot wrote. He later shared the screenshot of the FB post on Twitter too.
His resignation comes in the heels of a controversy regarding his stand on NRC revision in Tripura. Pradyot, who is the royal scion of Tripura’s Manikya dynasty, had filed a petition with the Supreme Court on October 22 last year seeking NRC revision in the state. Talking to reporters, Pradyot confirmed his resignation and said he is not going to join any other party. “I have resigned from the party. I am not going to join any other political party,” he said.
Sources inside the party said Pradyot’s NRC case had left the party leadership in a dilemma as his pro-NRC stand clashed with that of his party’s position regarding the issue. Earlier, Barman had said he would meet Congress president Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi, adding that he would prefer to step down over withdrawing his petition.
Meanwhile, state Congress spokesperson Harekrishna Bhowmik said denied being aware of Pradyot’s resignation. (Courtesy: IE)