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Tripartite agreement between Poilwa-Khonoma villages & GoN for augmentation of water supply to Kohima


Dimapur, July 31: A Tripartite Agreement on augmentation of water supply to Kohima between Poilwa-Khonoma and the Government of Nagaland was signed today at State Banquet Hall.
Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio said that signing the tripartite agreement between Khonoma – Poilwa village and the Government of Nagaland is a red letter day for all.
Rio expressed gratitude to the villages of Poilwa and Khonomo for being large hearted and showing support and cooperation to give water supply from Teupuiki river and Dzupfu river.
He added that signing of the tripartite agreement was a historic moment for the government and the people of Kohima town in particular and also this action would send a message to the whole of Nagaland to be cooperative and supportive and also to contribute and participate in developing our state.
“The first need of life is water and without water nothing can exist on earth.” Rio said.
He stated that in 1977 the population of Kohima was around 21547 and in 2011 it has come up to 123114 and by 2050 it is expected to cross 3 lakhs population in Kohima town.
He further added that the need for water would continue to increase and after 20 year years 30 million litres per day will be required whereas till now water supply from Jotsoma and Southern villages could not even suffice the need.
“I am happy that the two villages had buried their difference and signed the agreement. It is now the responsibility of the government to find the resource to bring water supply to Kohima,” Rio remarked.
He added that it is a challenge for all to leave aside our difference and resolve local issues at the village level and look forward for continued support of both the villages and leaders to work together to make the dream come true.
“It is God’s gift and it does not belong to anybody and when we put these things in good use it will benefit everybody the government, villages and the people,” Rio added.
Also stressing on conservation of rich biodiversity of Nagaland, he said, “Once we start conserving our rich virgin forest it will be the main attraction for tourist and such initiative will be leave behind a legacy for the next generation.”
Concluding his speech he thanked the two villages for resolving their differences and signing the historic agreement which would fulfill the dream of the people living in Kohima.
Speaking at the program Chairman Poilwa village, I Daniel Zeliang said he is very optimistic that Tripartite Agreement on Augmentations of Water Supply to Kohima, between Poilwa- Khonoma and the GoN would see a new beginning of prosperity and faster development.
He said that today’s event did not come easy but because of some broad minded Intellectuals from both the villages and for the greater interest of the both the villages in particular and the Nagas in general for greater and faster development of Nagaland.
He stated that the Poimi Baudi Nagaland and Poilwa Village Council signed the Tripartite Agreement to bury the differences between Poilwa and Khonoma and make used of the God given water resources for the greater cause and interest of the State of Nagaland as a whole.
Deputy Chief Minister & Minister for Home & National Highways, Y. Patton expressed gratitude to Khonoma and Poilwa villages as they mutually agreed for augmentation of water supply to Kohima town from Teupuiki/Dzupfu river and signed the tripartite agreement.
Expressing happiness over the agreement, he said, hitherto several attempts on water supply to the state capital failed but he hoped this tripartite agreement would turn into a reality as it was agreed by the two villages together with the state government.
He further said that people from remote areas and other districts wanted to settle in Kohima but at times, they are discouraged to due to scarcity of water. He asked the state government to be firm and stand on the assurances that they have committed to for the two villages.
While speaking on behalf of Khonoma village council, Huzo Meru thanked the Almighty God for the momentous occasion where they could come together in unison to create a history for the welfare of our people. He said water crisis of Kohima is without exception and the citizens represented by all naga tribes and others have been suffering untold miseries for decades due to water problem.
He said since the inception of Neiphiu Rio as the Chief Minister of Nagaland and throughout his tenure, the proposal for water tapping from Dzupfu river was initiated and pursued earnestly. And Khonoma people had no objection for water supply to Kohima and did not ask anything in return but due to some undesirable factors and resurgence of boundary dispute the proposal was stalemate for quite sometime. He also mentioned that attempts have been made during the tenure of T.R Zeliang and Dr. Shiirhozelie Liezietsu.
On receipt of the proposal, several meetings were held at different levels. The deliberations were not without hiccups, obstacles and staunch opposition. However, through it all, the agreement for augmentation of water supply to Kohima has been finally consented and approved in a general meeting on July 28 at Panchayat Hall, Khonoma.
Meru thanked the Chief Minister of Nagaland for his persistence, bold decision and magnanimity in making this auspicious occasion possible. He also thanked Advisor to the Chief Minister of Nagaland, Viketol Sakhrie for taking great care of the logistics and carrying out all preparations and communications pertaining to this water project.
While delivering a brief introduction of water project, the Advisor to the Chief Minister of Nagaland, Viketol Sakhrie said that the project was simple but very significant on which the two villages together with the state government signed the tripartite agreement.
He said it was all because of divine intervention, if not, this project would not have been possible. Good sense prevail inspite of hurdles and obstacles for which he thanked the leaders of the two villages. He attributed the success of this water project to the leaders of the two villages who had a strong conviction to materialize this project into reality.
Chief Secretary of Nagaland, Temjen Toy, IAS, chaired the program while State Chaplain, Rev. Kuzierang Thou invoked God’s blessing at the program. (Page News Service)