Treatment literacy on TB conducted


Dimapur, March 6: The ARK and Kripa Foundation conducted a one day “community consultation and treatment literacy on TB” at the office of the Kripa Foundation Project office, D Block on March 6 on the theme ‘Engaging the communities toward TB response’.
In the programme, Ketho lamented about the lack of proper diagnostic and treatment facility for TB in the State. “It is time for the vulnerable community to start addressing these advocacy issues, and that people should no more die of an infection which is curable”, he stated.
Giving an overview of the TB background, he mentioned that it can infect anyone who has been in close contacts to a person with active TB case, but more prominently in the case of a PLHIV and drug users as a result of their immune suppression. He called upon the participants to work in close collaboration with the state’s implementing department while also urging the later to acknowledge the importance of the key role that NGOs and vulnerable communities, building stronger partnership between the two, towards a concerted effort to eliminate TB in the state.
Renbo, from ARK Foundation, deliberated on the diagnosis and treatment aspect of the different types of TB, starting from pulmonary TB to XDRTB. The resource person stated that treatment will be based on the type of TB infection with different duration and regimes for different forms of TB.
Abou Mere, Director, Kripa Foundation, expressed satisfaction about the programme, which is important to empower and engage the community. He stated that TB in relation to drug use is also a priority issue to be addressed and urged the participants to equip themselves with such knowledge even in the coming days. He called upon the group, comprising of drug users, PLHIV, PLHCV, and his project staffs, to prepare themselves in this subject matter, since TB program and Hepatitis program may come in a bigger and more aggressive manner, whereby the State Government will need the support of the NGOs and CBOs.
(Page News Service)